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Doing lines or bumps of coke and ketamine at the same time
user1: Who wants to Calvin Klein?!
user2: I do, I do!!!
user3: You betta werk bitch! CK'ing is fierce!!
by CA dream'in August 02, 2006
A drug slang term used to describe a cociane and ketamine combination. The term originated from the new york dance scene back in the day.
They got super messed up on a calvin klein combo.
by D.Rock December 28, 2006
What you wear when you can't afford Ralph Lauren and/or when you're waging a war on society and decide that you're not going to join in with the mainstream fuckbois.
Dude: "Yo man what's up with the Calvin Klein? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR POLOS SON??"

Friend: "Man fuck Polos, I'm done with that shit. FUCK SOCIETY."

Dude: "You're broke aren't you?"

Friend: "..Maybe."

booty ralph lauren
by jeremyrepublic August 16, 2016
When you try to pull someone and they turn you down (aka decline you).
Guy 1: hey man, i tried it on with that smoking bridesmade last night

Guy 2: Ha nice, howd it go?

Guy 1: Yeh she Calvin Klein'd me straight up - embarrassing
by cj12 May 29, 2010
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