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A true battler in the music industry..who has stood tall through-out her downfalls.
For those who give her shit for the SNL incident..perhaps you should actually watch the episode of the "Ashlee Simpson Show" (is on MTV) that actually shows you how badly her voice dies on her the morning of the show. There was no way possible she couldve sang (id know this because I am also a singer)..and actually goes to the SNL producers and tells them that she has to pull out..they then tell her just to lip sync it through because no one ill know..NOT Ashlees fault at all..i felt sorry for theres the actual fact of the for her "trying" to be punk..shes an idividual and proud of it..GO ASHLEE!
by Ebz_elise88 November 12, 2005
13 24
The worlds most beatiful woman. Full of talent and can stop men in her tracks with her radiant beauty!
I wish my girl was hot as Ashlee Simpson.
by Ash Ash April 26, 2006
37 149
very talented singer is true in her music and is a individual unlike other singers who are followers!!!!!!!!!!
im being myself and i dont give a damn what people say and think of me!!!!!!!!
by caren March 29, 2005
58 198
A talanted singer, whom people hate for some stupid reasons. Those haters are llamas and should not fucking talk because they have no fucking clue about anything.
Ashlee Simpson's concert rocked.
by me March 26, 2005
77 233