1: The utter epitome of "fake", "wannabe", and "poser" all in the same instance.
Wow, even Billy Idol was no ashlee simposn.
by Matt February 28, 2005
A girl who thinks she punk. NOT! Pete Wentz can do way better than her!
Person: Ashlee Simpson?
Ashlee: Yes?
Person: Oh, you're the slut I saw.
by ASHLEESUCKSBALLS! February 16, 2008
One who cannot sing so planned to lip-sync on Saturday Night Live. Bad enough, but then proved how utterly stupid she really is by having the wrong song played. Then, when her band caught on and tried to rescue her performance by playing that song instead, she blamed the whole thing on them 'for playing the wrong song'. If I was in Ashlee's band I would not be pleased with that girl.
Jeez, at least Jessica has a good voice, even if she's a complete bimbo and sings pop (at least she admits to the pop part)
And it's ashLEY. Get a dictionary.
"Whoo, look, I have a top that says punk- I'm HARDCORE!! Now all I have to do is dye my hair black and sing a few pissy pop songs with extra added angst and I've won over the goths and moshers too! What? They like GOOD music? LIVE music?!" *girly scream*
by PrincessSquishy June 23, 2005
1. A girl who became super hott after her nose job! (Even better looking than Jessica Simpson... in my opinion)

2. When your nose job is really well done
1. Girl: "Ashlee Simpson is pretty cool!"

2. Girl 1: "Whoa, I really like how my nose job turned out!"
Girl 2: "Yeah, it's a total Ashlee Simpson!"
by yummiecupcakes July 22, 2008
The pop singer, who as of april 2006 is now officially "The Hotter Simpson Sister"
Ashlee Simpson is ten times hotter than Jessica Simpson now after her nose job!
by CallyLove August 09, 2007
super whore, but hot. and i dont give a fuck about ur self esteem and if people mistake you for britney OH BOO FUCKING HOO BITCH. Sucks at songwriting.
"Yeah, I wanna make a song about a dick... i mean um a shadow, cuz im in the shadow IM NOT TALKING ABOUT JESSICA GODDAM IT FUCK YOU but anyway, I think it'd be cool. OMYGAWD RYAN, YOU DIDNT SING A SONG FOR ME!?!?!?!?!!??!" "Um... who the fuck are you?"
by TruthSpeaker August 16, 2004
A true battler in the music industry..who has stood tall through-out her downfalls.
For those who give her shit for the SNL incident..perhaps you should actually watch the episode of the "Ashlee Simpson Show" (is on MTV) that actually shows you how badly her voice dies on her the morning of the show. There was no way possible she couldve sang (id know this because I am also a singer)..and actually goes to the SNL producers and tells them that she has to pull out..they then tell her just to lip sync it through because no one ill know..NOT Ashlees fault at all..i felt sorry for her..so theres the actual fact of the matter..as for her "trying" to be punk..shes an idividual and proud of it..GO ASHLEE!
by Ebz_elise88 November 12, 2005

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