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Despite popular belief, those who use drugs (particularly weed) don't actually do it to be cool, cos all the cool trendies hate drugs, think they're 'above' them.
All the popular kids hate the stoners in our school (and that is why they will never have friends who talk about anything other than hair products)
by PrincessSquishy June 08, 2005
A name for myspace.com when you're WAAY too hot to call it by the real name.
"Myspazz- a place for emo kids"
by PrincessSquishy September 08, 2005
An expression of disgust or disbelief, said when somebody repeats something that has been said or done earlier, especially if somebody is being two-faced. (similar to "as if")
Betty: "By the way, I think you should know that Bill said you're a man whore."
Bob: "Err rite!"

Bob: "I pick my nose and eat it"
Betty: "Err rite!"
by PrincessSquishy July 09, 2005
One who cannot sing so planned to lip-sync on Saturday Night Live. Bad enough, but then proved how utterly stupid she really is by having the wrong song played. Then, when her band caught on and tried to rescue her performance by playing that song instead, she blamed the whole thing on them 'for playing the wrong song'. If I was in Ashlee's band I would not be pleased with that girl.
Jeez, at least Jessica has a good voice, even if she's a complete bimbo and sings pop (at least she admits to the pop part)
And it's ashLEY. Get a dictionary.
"Whoo, look, I have a top that says punk- I'm HARDCORE!! Now all I have to do is dye my hair black and sing a few pissy pop songs with extra added angst and I've won over the goths and moshers too! What? They like GOOD music? LIVE music?!" *girly scream*
by PrincessSquishy June 23, 2005
She's a talented singer (I personally love Evanescence) but fame is getting to her head- she thinks she's the only person that matters in her band, in the music industry, in the world.
Can't think of any one quote right now, I'll get back to you with that....
by PrincessSquishy June 23, 2005

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