The ugly sister. The perfect extreme-makover candidate. The perfect Swan candidate.The frustrated sister who's trying to hard to break away from the shadow. An average girl who cannot sing but fakes it anyway.
If you've envied your big sister all your life because she has everything you don't; the voice, the beauty, the body, the man, the money: then you're an Ashlee Simpson
by tess December 31, 2004
The ugly, surgically enhanced Simpson sister who dropped the whole "I'm as hardcore as Avril Lavigne" thing when she realized no one was buying it, not even little 11 yr olds.
Ashlee Simpson is so hardcore I cut my wrists when I listen to her.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
Younger sister to Jessica Simpson, proud mama to what I assume is a music career and a movie appropriately titled "Wannabe." Let's not forget the infamous SNL incident, and judging from the amount of press it's getting... I think I can safely say her star status is going down the crapper. Please, God, make it so!
"That Ash Simpson is the human equivilant to shit"

"You're just like Ashlee, you emo poser!"
by The Queen Of Chodes January 02, 2005
She's only famous because of her sister. She has a horrible raspy singing voice and apparently is against lip-synching. Oh sure....

She is NOT punk rock. Just because she has dark hair and wears t-shirts that says 'punk' on it does not make her 'rock 'n roll'. Hell, she doesn't even DESERVE that title!

Also, when it comes to looks, Ashlee Simpson just doesn't cut it. She is ugly and has a rather large nose.
If someone forced me to either listen to Ashlee or Jessica, I'd choose Jessica hands down.

Ashlee Simpson is ugly. Fact.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 27, 2006
dumbass who ruined the Orange Bowl with her non-singing.
I loved the Orange Bowl.
I hate Ashlee Simpson
by Russ Man July 31, 2005
-Hideous boot-face "singer"
-Got into the business by using her sister, Jessica Simpson
-Got famous for being a dumbass...aka everyone loves to watch her crash and burn!
-hey man, did you see boot-face get booed off the stage last night?
-ah no, i missed it, but i did see people chucking rocks at her two nights ago...good times!
by Joe Simpson May 07, 2005
a total poser who sings so horrible that they have to blame everyone other than themselves for their talentless drone of a human being self. Please, close all doors, lock all windows, and stay as far away from the presence of her as you can. Dont turn the television or radio on. Shes all over it. Oh, and isn't it ironic how she said she never lip-synced but then she made excuses for doing it, then once again said she didnt? Hm....
"Like, OMG! It was my daddys fault i lip-synced. No, it was the drummer! No it was my acid reflux! NO! It was the ice cream man!"
Hah. I also heard that Ashlee is going to label her new cd "It was YOUR fault"
by Marissa F- yo February 15, 2005

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