Jessica Simpsons little sister. Is hated by legions of people because she got caught lip-syncing on SNL. Was then booed at the Orange bowl. Had and Mtv show that roped in millions of pre-teens and alowed her CD to go platinum. In her music video she hires "cool" people with mohawks and piercings to runaway froom the police to see her secret underground concert. She's hilarious. I hope she never stops singing.
Ashlee Simpson. Its funny. Really.
by billy_liar13 July 18, 2006
a woman who can;t sing for her life, and can KILL a person by screeching in that way that she does when she sings,yet had really good songs; dancing dumbass
SNL, doing the ashlee simpson hoe-down
by Schergan October 16, 2005
A singer that many of her idiot fans can't seem to realize that she uses vocal enhancements on her album.

Which means she can't sing for shit, it's all enhanced. She sounds like shit live and the whole acid reflex deal was a fake.

She also has yet to be original. Her music styles, lyrics and looks all come from another celeb.

Ashlee doesn't deserve her fame,
it's a shame.
Ashlee Simpson:I'll just fool everyone into thinking I can sing so they'll by my album and i'll get rich. Haha suckers.
by Lindsayyayyy May 14, 2006
Shit ball suck b*tch ......PUNK dream on go back to mommy .....Dumbshityness must run in the family!
Ashlee...Ho-Down and LipSync on National Broadcast.
by Skiba Sucks Donkey Balls January 07, 2005
To lip sync; or to dance in a retarded manner as the wrong vocals one was to lip sync to play in the background.
Audience Member #1- "What the hell is she doing?! We all know she's not singing..."
Audience Member #2- "She's being an Ashlee Simpson...just go with it."
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
The biggest poser in the world!!!! She is even more of a wannabe punk than Avril Lavigne, which is just really sad. She also cant sing and her voice is done with a machine and the only reason why she is famous is because of her sister and all those stupid trendy 12 year olds like her.
"Ashlee Simpson is the worst singer ever and the worlds biggest poser!!" -me

"I know, no one likes her lol" -my friend
by Rammstein_kicks_ass March 03, 2006
(Ash-Lee Simp-Son) Name. 1) Pop music icon created from the star power of older sister. Future looked promissing until Lip-sync event on TV. 2) To glob on to the success of a family member and ride them to your own 15 minutes of fame. 3) Identification for a child born into a family where they have very attractive sibblings but the themselves are uglier than shit ona shingle (See also Ugly Tree Whoopin).
1) Milli and Vanilli never did that bad....Nice Jig, dumbass. Way to play that one off Ashlee.
2) I'm a talentless hunk of shit so I work for my brothers company, I feel ashlee simpson about myself sometimes.
3) That baby was so ashlee simpson, I can't believe that it and the other children are even related. Did they adopt a retarded korean kid or something?
by sirisaachillary September 23, 2005

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