To betray one's confidence. To double cross. Also known to dress down inappropriately for formal events.
When my work colleague was away, I did an Ash on his computer by logging in and updating his Facebook status.
by fishrocketeer June 28, 2012
Ashes is the blackest of all them nigga cats. He a chill mofo and likes to roll with his number 1. Kinda phat too
I love ashes
by PegL August 17, 2014
Someone who is generally hilarious for no apparent reason, in every possible and impossible way. Has a dry sense of humor, and usually doesn't try to be funny.
(Not to be compared to a class clown) When seeing some sort of animal or make believe creature you refer to it as "Ash"
Boy #1: *Sends picture of a donkey"
Boy #2: "Ash"

Girl #1: "Look at that picture on the back of her shirt, what is that?"
Girl #2: "It's Ash"
by Grizwold June 30, 2014
Age, Sex, Horny...commonly used by guys on
Stranger: Hi
You: A.S.H?
Stranger: 35, Female, Really Horny
by AnonymousTufano July 14, 2011
sexy, hot, oozing beauty, rare kind gentleman.
omgzzz how hot is ash!!!!!
by talene February 26, 2004
(n) Slang for money - derived from cash
Dude, you owe me some ash for za the other night~
by Julie McCoy May 13, 2008
1. A place or experience that totally sucked balls.
2. Black peoples dandruff
Dinner at the place was "ash."

Dude that black guy has "ash" all over his white tall T.
by puebs25 January 11, 2011

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