Ashes is the blackest of all them nigga cats. He a chill mofo and likes to roll with his number 1. Kinda phat too
I love ashes
by PegL August 17, 2014
1. A place or experience that totally sucked balls.
2. Black peoples dandruff
Dinner at the place was "ash."

Dude that black guy has "ash" all over his white tall T.
by puebs25 January 11, 2011
Coined by Drew Preiner, it simply means "friend".
Me- "Hey we're in the area can we stop by and say hi?"
Drew- "No, I'm sick. Sorry, next time, ash."
by wtlfan December 09, 2007
That character from the anime pokemon.
Short for the name Ashley, which is devried from the surname which means ash tree clearing, also may directly be from the word ash. Also happens to be my name.
The name Ashley (or Ash) during the 1990's was the second most common name in the United States for girls, its popularity has declined and was the eighteenth most popular for girls in the U.S. as of 2008.
by It'sAsh September 14, 2009
an 'emo fuck-up' without the slightest idea of what is happening in life.

the word is also able to be used as a form on discription, insult, and/or whatever you wish it to mean.
Marc : Yeh, i'm well good at that

Tom : Stop doing an Ash!
by Vyvian January 17, 2008
uber cutie and a big softie thats talks to me on msn lots and makes me lol
ash: i came off the back and the bike landed on top of me
me: hahah BIKE RAPE
ash: yeahhhh my bike was goooooood

by Tamsin = N3RDXC0R3 June 17, 2008
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