some super hot girl whos also completely amazing? shes basically perfect in every way. shes said to look like a mixture of colbie callait, and lindsey lohan. she is the absolute best, and no bitches can top that ;]
"hey what's good ashes"
by ohyouknowchillen November 23, 2009
another word for ass
Oh my sweet baby that's one hella ash
by Pristine December 17, 2004
When someone states urban dictionary terms without realizing the speaker phone is on re: donkey punch they should stick they're dick in they're ASH
A nameless wonder has made a mistake by quoting the urban dictionary while on speaker phone therefore he has put his dick in his ASH
by BEACH805 June 08, 2006
1)Dead skin cell flakes. Typically for black people. Also Dandruff.
2) Shame, embarrassment. (Often accompanied with a hand gesture of sweeping the "ash" flakes of your shoulders.)
1) Ugh, look at your ashy legs. Put some lotion on!
2) Haha, ash on you! (Hand gesture)
by ginger October 28, 2003
the A-man, seargent stall, seargent southlander, lives on loyd george road
ash scott
by the a man July 01, 2003
To be gay. To have sexual relations with someone of the same sex.
"I had realy good ash sex last night"
"I am sooo ash"
by Ash Doyle April 19, 2006
Soon to be Fuhrer of the world, lives in north london. need not say more.
Went to a secondary school in tottenham, and a college in islington.
by Ashraf August 14, 2004

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