Always. Sexy. Hot.

This girl is the cutest, most amazing girl in the world.
She is also super smart. and loves tattoos. Her hair styles are the envy of the school. Everyone wants to be this girl
Wow... I wish i was as coool as Ash.. she really has it, brains, they should name a Daily news paper after that Ash.
by floopa February 26, 2011
To say something so awkward that your company will feign interest in the sport cricket rather than acknowledge what you said.
"I can't believe she left me, how can I ever love again?"
"Did you watch the Ashes last week? Incredible game"
by TedEvelynMoseby October 12, 2012
A rare creature of the night; a beautiful woman with flowing dark hair, sumptuous curves and green eyes. Funny, smart and devastatingly gorgeous, everybody wants to know an Ash.
Did you see Ash last night? My god, she's amazing.
by bakersgirl November 26, 2011
A hot guy who is always getting laid. Every girl thinks he's hot and they all want to do him. He is also always getting blown. He is pro at sex.
Hey Jim you can tell that's Ash look all the girls are staring at him.
by Lochnessmonster345 March 19, 2011
An erection which can be felt by the girl when the boy is holding her waist from behind.
I:He totally had an Ash when he had his arms around me!
by ##1 September 12, 2008
The act of giving one word responses to another in an attempt to end the conversation. Often practiced by one who does not wish to talk to the other converser.

Jack: Hahaha, did you see that movie on TV the other night?
Jill: Yes.
Jack: Did you like it?
Jill: Yeah.
Jack: It was hilarious when that guy fell out of his chair.
Jill: Yeah.
Jack: So what are you doing later?
Jill: Idk
Jack: Ugh, whatever.

In a sentence:

"I was trying to talk to Jill, but she kept ash'ing me."
"I tried to talk to Jill, but she ash'ed me all night."
"Don't even bother trying to talk to Jill, she will just ash you."
"Jill is such an asher."
by tylErFTW April 27, 2008
That forever 10 year old prick from pokemon
Guy: How long has that little prick ash been 10?
Another guy: Dunno, about 20 years maybe
by botmj August 18, 2014

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