1. Bad-Ass demon killer.
2. The King, Baby!

It's commonly thought that Queen originally wrote the song about Flash Gordon; however, it was originally written for the movie Evil Dead. It didn't make the final cut, however, so they re-used it.
ASH! Aah-Ah! He'll kill everyone of them!
by General Grievance June 23, 2007
One step higher than Chuck Norris, Ashif Choudhury is the unmistakeable sex god of Brunel University, having had sex with 25 lecturers in his first year. The term, "Ash" is now used to describe someone who sleeps with their teacher/professor.
"Did you hear about mike? He slept with Dr Greenwood apparently."

"Wow - that guy is an Ash"


"I'm thinking of pulling an Ash tonight with Professor Palmer so I might get the grade I wanted"
by Charlie2205 April 14, 2010
An erection felt when holding someone from behind
I:he totally had an Ash!
by S.Monkey October 13, 2008
An awsometacular band from ireland with such awsome hits as Burn Baby Burn, Girl From Mars and Kung Fu. They are highly underated in my opinion and Tim Wheeler is an awsome guitarist.
Stu: "I love ash. They are great"
Nat: "I know!!! Orpheus is a brilliant song"
A character who doesn't age despite being alive for 13 years, and traveling through many different regions.
Isn't it odd how Ash was the same age at the Sinnoh League, Hoenn League, Johto League, Orange League & Kanto League
by sar86 August 10, 2011
Thick Munter, with little aspirations apart from going and wasting his money at the casino.
Which bird has recently migrated to the north-east??



Thick munter!!
by james schofield July 06, 2011
Always. Sexy. Hot.

This girl is the cutest, most amazing girl in the world.
She is also super smart. and loves tattoos. Her hair styles are the envy of the school. Everyone wants to be this girl
Wow... I wish i was as coool as Ash.. she really has it, brains, they should name a Daily news paper after that Ash.
by floopa February 26, 2011

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