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An under 16 youth with a highly desirable ASBO. Common among chavs and hailed as such. An As-Boy is easily recognised by his Primark/Eisenegger/Mad house clothing and especially so by his refusal to remove his wooly hat when in doors.

As-Boy are usually in a bad mood just incase someone thinks that they are not cool or hard.

Try to think of an As-Boy as a pikey that doesn't travel.
Sometimes you'll see a youngster unlocking his bike, only to realise he's not unlocking it, he's hacksawing his way through the lock. Upon the realization some people will exclaim, "OI! As-Boy, get off that bike or I'll kick your teeth in!" while other people will mutter to them selves "I forking hate As-Boys"
by Sibbers December 02, 2005
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