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The ancient spelling of the word "Iranian".
literary means noble in old Persian and Sanskrit. noble also literary means a free wo/man in Persian (kind of a more spiritual freedom than material).

historical note:
The term Aryan was stolen by German philosophers in 18 century since the linguistics discovered some similarities between Indo-Iranian languages and European languages. They used to have a common language so they must have had common ancestors. so If Iranians call themselves Aryan so we should do that too!
Arya(n)mehr= The Lights of Aryans {title of the late king of Iran}
by sam December 02, 2003
The word Aryan is a well known surname used by Iranians and also first names for both sexes. The inhabitants of Iran believe that they are Aryans and the name of the country Iran means The Land of the Aryans. Also Afghanistan used to be called Aryana. The term Aryan is also used by other nationalities to show their ancestry/heritage.

The land of the Aryans has been attacked and is today occupied by none Iranians who preach hate and since 1979 occupation have tried to force foreign ideology and practices.

The Shah of Iran was given the name Aryameher, which means The Light of the Aryans (due to his work rebuilding the country). The rulers since the overthrow of the monarchy have all been none Aryans (Iranian) and have openly associated themselves with the Arabs (Semitic).
The surname of Iranian freedom fighter “Dr. Fraydon Aryan”. A well known Iranian historian.

The name of Indian movie “Aryan – Unbreakable” by producer Poonam Khubani.
by Asal Gilani November 13, 2009
An ancient race that still exists today in Iran.
The Aryans are not from Germany as many may think, as Germany only started calling themselves Aryan in the late 19th century.
I am Dariush, the great king, the king of kings
The king of many countries and many peoples
The king of this expansive land,
The son of Wishtaspa of Achaemenid,
Persian, the son of a Persian,
'Aryan', from the Aryan race
"From the Darius the Great's Inscription in Naqshe-e-Rostam"
Written in 500BC
by Rick Malone October 18, 2003
1. (most common usage) The supposed "white" master race. This recent mutilation of the meaning of "Aryan" was first caused by anti-Semitism (prejudice against Jews or Judaism). Some early Christian scholars made up the idea of an Aryan race (no evidence, just theories based on their own prejudices) as a means of separating themselves from their Jewish heritage (Christianity began as an extremist Jewish sect). They wanted to believe that they descended from different people than the Jews because of differing religious beliefs (ignoring that fact the old testament of the Christian bible is really just an idealized translation of the Torah, or Jewish Hebrew bible).

This idea of an "Aryan" race was strongly embraced by Germans as nationalism united the many weak and divided states into a single German nation (during the 19th century). We all know were things went from there (during the early 20th century), with Adolf Hitler using this German superiority complex to assist in gaining power and then blaming all of Germany's problems on non "Aryans". Many hundreds of thousands of people have suffered from this fallacy. There is no such thing as an "Aryan" race. The idea that "Aryans" where outsiders who came into India to conquer the natives is also unproven. People just believed this because of wishful thinking and not proof. This pompous eventually led to widespread false use of "Aryan" by Nazis and other racists as the supposed "white" master race (this racism needs to stop).

2. Many religions (including Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus) use Aryan as a title for a person who is noble and/or spiritual. In Buddhist teachings for instance, someone can be Aryan, no matter what race they are, by being noble, good natured, righteous in behavior, etc... Likewise Aryan status is lost by not living up to this code of conduct.

3. (obsolete) Aryan was once used to refer to the people (not race) who spoke the original Indo-Europe language/s, but that term has been replaced by PIEs, or Proto-Indo-Europeans.
Racist "white supremacists" should technically be called delusional morons, not Aryans.
by Efulitz January 08, 2004
In the ancient Indian Mahabharata, a large epic Saga written by the Rishi Veda Vyasa, and in the earlier Ramayana written by Sage Valmiki, the right behaviour and moral conduct of the Aryan is explained in great detail. It is here that we gain a real understanding of what the word "Arya" really meant - nobility in its purest form. From these two epics held in high reverance by the millions of Indians, we can understand the high moral code and chivalrous noble behaviour of the Aryan - how he never raised a hand against the unarmed, how he never hit below the belt, how he protected women and children, how he never fought at night, how he never pursued a fleeing foe, how he respected his parents and cared for them, how he respected ALL righteous people, how he protected the weak - the one who came to him for protection, the "Sharanagat" ie. the one who askes for protection, how he respected and worshipped the elements of God such as the earth, the sky, the wind and the ocean, how he lived his life according to "Dharma" - the high code of morality or righteousness, akin to the Iranian "Ashoi". Indeed in India, the word "Aryan" is still synonymous with nobility and tolerance - as indeed it should be.
this is the true meaning of aryans
by ankita June 26, 2006
HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHITE PEOPLE. Hitler bastardized this word. White supremists who call themselves "aryan" are all a bunch of uneducated, brainwashed, idiots.
Aryan isn't a race, it's the land that the Persian Empire was built on.
by Darius01 February 07, 2006
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