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In the ancient Indian Mahabharata, a large epic Saga written by the Rishi Veda Vyasa, and in the earlier Ramayana written by Sage Valmiki, the right behaviour and moral conduct of the Aryan is explained in great detail. It is here that we gain a real understanding of what the word "Arya" really meant - nobility in its purest form. From these two epics held in high reverance by the millions of Indians, we can understand the high moral code and chivalrous noble behaviour of the Aryan - how he never raised a hand against the unarmed, how he never hit below the belt, how he protected women and children, how he never fought at night, how he never pursued a fleeing foe, how he respected his parents and cared for them, how he respected ALL righteous people, how he protected the weak - the one who came to him for protection, the "Sharanagat" ie. the one who askes for protection, how he respected and worshipped the elements of God such as the earth, the sky, the wind and the ocean, how he lived his life according to "Dharma" - the high code of morality or righteousness, akin to the Iranian "Ashoi". Indeed in India, the word "Aryan" is still synonymous with nobility and tolerance - as indeed it should be.
this is the true meaning of aryans
by ankita June 26, 2006

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