HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHITE PEOPLE. Hitler bastardized this word. White supremists who call themselves "aryan" are all a bunch of uneducated, brainwashed, idiots.
Aryan isn't a race, it's the land that the Persian Empire was built on.
by Darius01 February 07, 2006
The word aryan has no other origin than ancient sanskrit and its predecessor language. Arya(n) means noble, children of light, learned, honourable, etc. Like many people who are learned in Indian languages will realize that these languages have numerous words to convey the same idea unlike english and modern european languages. The older language relatives of Sanksrit such as modern Punjabi, Hindi and Marathi follow the same pattern. It is noted that Punjabi is actually the closest modern language to ancient Sanskrit. No other culture in the world cites the word 'arya(n)' more than do the Sanskrit works of ancient India. Much of the ancient culture of South Asia was transmitted westward to Iran (ancient Persia) and eastward to Burma, Thailand and Southern China and to closer neighbours like Tibet. Furthermore people seem confused over religion and how it transmogrified over the millenia. Fact: Vedic thought (Hinduism for sake of clarity) gave rise to Buddhism, Zoroastrianism (prophesized in Sanskrit texts as Jarathustra the son that will go against his forefathers thus is banished to the West!), Jainism etc.
The varios fantasies/fallacies of Aryan arriving/invading India are ridiculous. Who can believe wagons crossed over the Hindu Kush range thenthe Khyber pass to region Punjab in India-LOL! Try it in a Range Rover and let me know if you didnt crap your pants on the way!. The Radar/LandSat work over the 1990's found the old river bed of the Saraswati-proclaimed by invasion theorists as a myth and a way to prove their false theory now rebukes their claims! The findings of domestic horse antecedent (earlier than) to those in Central Asia evidencing India had mastered horse husbandry long before anyone else-once more rebuking the theory that an invasion took place.The list goes on yet 'europeans' dont want to accept that their origins are Indian and that indian genes, culture and thought travelled west and east enlightening all. I personally think it was a mistake and it should have stayed within that country becuase knowledge in the hands/minds of the meek is a dangerous thing. At least India is regaining its glory of the past as it is emerging as a new super power to be. Yes there were Greek Empires, Persian Empires yet before them all were the various Indian Empires. It is funny how the written record of a lineage of at least 100 kings is not believed yet people on line and every where will cite 'Herodotus or Homer'. In my opinion the were just poets and writers!
Indians are the only aryans, everyone else may have Indian (aryan) genes in them due to migrations out of India. Nothing more, nothing less.
by Indra of the Aryans April 19, 2005
A fun energetic guy, this guy just oozes charisma. Cuddly like a teddy bear but strong like a man, he is loveable, caring, but also tough and protective. He is good looking, polite, and just all round plain awesome. You want to be like this guy, he's just too good to be true. A true legend.
e.g. That guy is so amazing, he must be an Aryan!
by Swagger1999 December 10, 2013
Awesome. He is dangerous. Dangerously good at dancing. He's a professional put acid in eyer. The GOAT (greatest of all time)
That guy can dance, he's so Aryan.

I lost my husband to a guy because he was so Aryan.

I wish I was Aryan.
by theLionShah March 15, 2014
According to a pre-WWII German Socialist/Communist political joke, the backside of a proletarian.
Those who boast of being Aryans are often lumpenproletarians.
by Leslie Doppler Hammond December 11, 2007
Persian name for a boy; excellent, honorable; akin to the name of the country Iran, and perh. to Erin, Ireland, and the early name of this people, at least in Asia.]

1. One of a primitive people supposed to have lived in prehistoric times, in Central Asia, east of the Caspian Sea, and north of the Hindoo Koosh and Paropamisan Mountains, and to have been the stock from which sprang the Hindoo, Persian, Greek, Latin, Celtic, Teutonic, Slavonic, and other races; one of that ethnological division of mankind called also Indo-European or Indo-Germanic.
What is your brother's name?
by parachuter2b May 11, 2009
A proud noble race originating from central Asia. NOT the Indian subcontinent or Iran which fascists would you to believe. The Persia are not real Aryans and never were to begin with. The real Aryans live in Afghanistan and are called Pashtuns and nuristanis.
Real Aryans come from central Asia NOT iran or india.
by Jamal94 May 11, 2013

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