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A beautiful girl that is crazy and nice.
Loves animals and guys, she has a big heart also.
She loves making peoples days and is the most funniest girl.
She is beast at basketball and soccer too. If you know an Aryana you are lucky! Aryana is very hott too. She is pretty awesome.

Aryana has dark and and dark colored eyes
Dude 1: Man is that Aryana?

Dude 2: Yeaah shes sexy!
Dude 1: Yeahh i know!
by bigbootybitchezzzzzzzzz November 23, 2011
An Aryana is beautiful, she's to humble to admit it. An Aryana is talented and can make you laugh no matter what your talking about. Very easy to fall in love with. Once you fall in love with an Aryana, they will always be in your mind. An Aryana is in to all kinds of music and loves to express how they feel. Very honest, and loving.
"Look at that chick." -John
"Wow, most definitely an Aryana"-Frank
by Arkany June 12, 2013
a noble woman
of a noble race
The female format of the name Aryan
An Iranian woman
One descended from the master race Aryan
She is so pretty, no doubt that she is an Aryana.
by Sam December 14, 2003
Generally slimly challenged as well as mentally retarded, but well endowed where it matters!!! No thats just a poor joke, he is really just a pillock, and a dog-shafter!!!
Holy SMEG batman, it's that ugly aryana again, with the one and only fanny!!!!!
by azza March 18, 2004
a hairy beast
known as terriana
or "de motherfuckin sachquash"
a young lady with a extreamily groosem harry back and toes.
wont get a guy unless sadam walks down the street saying who let the bombs out!
boom boom boom boom!
"have you been in aryana cave lately? or is she just in hibernation?"
by love1234joy May 04, 2009
A being who appears to be ominipotent! One so full of himself that he is sad enough to put a good definition of hiself rather than the regular DICK HEAD or that SMEGGING SMEGGER
Jesus Christ look at that Aryana, his ass is so flat!!
by azza January 21, 2004
A 32 year old white male from a South Carolina trailer park who likes to go on message boards and pretend he is a 15 year old female, viking separatist but who spells it seperatist.
Princess aryana, r u really as big an idiot as everone thinks, or is it all satire.
by smellie's friend May 20, 2003

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