People in India come from two different races...the North being Indo-Aryan and the South being Dravidian.
People in the North tend to be lighter and people in the South are much darker, although some in the North are 'dark' and some in the South are 'light' they are two completetly different races...this is evident from their facial features...people in the South are closer to Black Africans. Northern Indians have some Persian ancestry which is why they have more Caucasian features (ie. broad) nose and light hair (straight or curly but not kinky like Southerns!) and eyes (
True Hindustani and Jai Hind, you both are fuckin morons who don't know don't fuckin say that all Indian are the same cuz believe me Northerns are not the same as Southerns!!!!
True Hindustani and Jai Hind are fuckers who think Indians are all guys must be from the South who wish they had some relations to the North lmao. Shut the fuck up cuz the Northern Indians have Aryan blood and have no fuckin resemblance to Southerns so get your damn facts straight!
by AsianBlood November 09, 2006
aryan means :
1)penetrating a large elephant vagina, while exceeding jello out of your nostrils

2)a famous song sung by the lord of aryans,
aryan tabooby

3)an adjective used commonly to describe your
feeling around monkeys. (usually aroused)
1) Timmy: woahhh did you see that guy have an aryan?
Juley: yeah man! i had one too!
Timmy: oh yeahh ;)

2) Grandpa you were my first lover, Grandpa you said there was no other, Grandpa Grandpa would open the door he would see Aryan asleep, he wiggled his finger as he sucked on my dick. Grandpa stop molesting mee, Grandpa stop molesting mee.

(monkey): oh yeahh ;)
by zazzzouu! March 27, 2008
An ancient Indo-European race that migrated to the areas of modern day Iran about 4000 years ago. They were caucasian. They looked like Germans. They called themselves the Noble, Master Race. They stayed in the areas of the modern day Iran. After centuries of evolution they were white anymore; they became tan and dark skinned, they got brown eyes and dark brown and black hair. Their Farsi got loans of words from surrounding languages, especially Arabic. They stopped calling themeselves Aryan, and began to use the more common Iranian, or Persian. They created a huge empire; the Persian Empire. They spread so much that they began to genetically mix with other races (Greeks, ancient Hebrews, Arabs). During the Iranian Empire's power, ancient Jewish Hebrews settled in the areas of present day Iran, and they stayed, and over time they began to evolve into true Iranians. The Hebrews would mix with the Aryans as well. Persian Jews have been in Iran for about 2700 years. All this time the main Iranian religion was Zoroastrianism. But the Iranians that desended from the ancient Hebrews stayed Jewish, but they were true Iranians. (Once Christianity was a religion, it was pushed into Iran by the immigrating Christian Armenians later on.) Then, during the 7th century, Iran was invaded by the Muslim Arabs. More than half of the entire Iranian population was forced to convert to Islam; but quite a bit of Zoroastrians and Jews survived. There is a LOT to tell, but this is what the Aryans were. The modern day Iranians are mixed with Aryan AND Semitic blood. (The semitic ancestry was from the Arabs and Hebrews.) They are not white, but in the US they unfortunatly are classified as it, but a simple classification cannot change one's race.

By the way, Iranian and Persian mean the EXACT SAME THING.
The Aryans- They are Persian, and Iran is their Land.
by aguynamedandy October 05, 2005
Any member of the Nordic Race, originally thought to have orignated in Central Asia, and possibly modern-day Germany (which the Romans called "Germania"). Populations in all European countries, India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nations descend from original Aryans. Aryans are traditionally distinguished by light hair, light eyes, light skin, and historically (but not as much in modern times because of miscegenation) tall stature.
The barbaric Aryan invaders commited genocide upon the native Indian populace in prehistoric times.
by georigaSATELLITE October 28, 2005
noun: a Caucasian person of Nordic descent.
adjective: of or relating to the Indo-European people.

In other words, it simply means a person of Nordic ancestry. It is not a "racist" group of people as some propagandists would like you to believe.
"Aryans are pretty nice people in general."
by Chad January 27, 2005
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