The most beautiful, funny, wonderful, easy going girl you could ever meet. Someone you just fall in love with at first sight and it grows every day. You know when you're with her that there's nothing in the world you wouldn't do for her. You will give her your heart, your life, your trust and anything else you could possibly give her. You would die for her in a heartbeat and defend her in front of anyone just because you care. She will change your whole life and you'll love her even more for it. Anyone would be truly blessed to have an Anna in their life. And until you do have one you'll never really understand just how great she can be.
Wow!! Look at Anna!! She's so gorgeous!!!
by lookout he'sgotagun June 30, 2011
Anna is a beautiful, cute yet sexy as possible. She is kind of punk. Likes to sing and dance while also liking video games and pizza. She will always be there for you as long as you are always there for her. She is often insecure so be nice and you can get a great friend. She also loves sports. Hockey probably considered the best thing on earth in her mind.
Isn't Anna a lovely person?

Yes. She really is special.
by Emmerrrrr January 07, 2015
Anna is a typically nice girl.

Sharing and caring and has a variety of friends. Makes a good girlfriend because she is very funny. Has a nice body though she doesn't know it.
Look at her body! It's perfect :(
It's cause she's an Anna!
by 1inABillion April 05, 2015
a young person who's enthusiasm towards acting is infectious. she has a habit of making everyone around her happy. great actress. also really super pretty, humble, and an awesome friend. usually Christian or Jewish and, as such, has great morals.
Person: "Did you see that girl? Her acting style is amazing!"
Me: "Oh, that's Anna, and, yeah, she's the boss."
by iloveactingmorethanlife December 27, 2012
The perfect girl ever. She is sweet, beautiful, amazing, my best friend, and the only girl I will ever love.
Dave: Did you see that girl just now?
James: Yeah man her name must be Anna!
by pmtalker124 July 26, 2011
Most beautiful girl in the world. Easy to talk to. Loves to take on risks. Any guy that dates an Anna is surely a lucky man. Anna is always amazing with tons of Z's. "AIR" Love you Anna :)
Dating an Anna is like winning the lottery.
by DerFuhrer November 21, 2012
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