Is a fun luvin fanny
Hey Anna you make me laugh you fanny
by Victoria89999 April 30, 2010
the defenition of an anna is a girl whu is sweet,cute,sexxy,gorgeous,pretty,hot, an angel.once u meet an anna u gotta make sure not to loose her becouse ur life wud not be as fun as befor. she is funny n just plain amazing if u need her for anything she will be there for u no matter what.she is really sweetn she knows how to party n when i mean party i mean party hard n shes really fun to be around n she iss an one gud kisser n if u ever meet an anna make sure too be friends with her it will probly one of the best things tht can happen in your life (:
anna iss just plain amazin

u just gotta love anna
by mrr steal yooo girl March 26, 2011
the awesome girl ever who loves to party and is the best at sex, loves using her tongue and never gives up a shot.
damn loook at anna!
by hogwardslo January 07, 2011
A really cool chick with a hipster state of mind. Everyone loves her, even people who should hate her. She's petite and gracefully awkward, loves art, and loves music. Her preferred style is indie. Loves guys in chinos, loves a scruffy guy, and loves tall guys with wavy or curly hair. Anybody would be lucky to be friends or in a relationship with Anna. She also likes theatre and acting. She's an amazing singer and has a quirky style that is positively infectious. Watch out, though. When people start following her trends, she gets angry. So let Anna be herself! It's all she needs to be happy:)
Girl: "Who's your friend?"
Girl 2: "Oh, that's my friend, Anna."
Girl: "You have a friend named Anna? You're sooo lucky!"
by Florence Aberdeen November 18, 2012
The great multi-tasker. An Anna can raise many kids, maintain a job, cook every night and still know the latest gossip.
"Wow! I don't know how you have time to do all this and still know when Jenny is having her period this month. You must be Anna."
by Anonymous712 July 14, 2012
A girl that's pretty, talented,and smart. Kind of bipolar but still can be nice. Somewhat of a slut but usually pretty cool. Hates guys named Jerome. Loves guys named Bryan. Makes you want her more than you have ever wanted anything.
Dude:Look, it's Anna.

Other Dude: I know. She is so... Special
by BosS July 01, 2014
Verb: to run away from your date and pretend like you don't know them.
I Anna'ed that girl so hard last night.
by MichaelWestin May 13, 2014

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