An Anna is always a very sweet person who sometimes likes minecraft. Annas usually have someting tragic in their pasts that make them who they are today. Annas usually have a friend named Gwenyth or Hope, or both. Annas try to act like they dont really care but you can tell that they do. What am I trying to say? Anna, you are amazing.
Anna: OMG Hope.

Hope: I love you too, Anna.
by hamelot October 03, 2012
The most amazing girl on the planet. She is cuter than any other girl even though she may not admit it. :p She says cute things like yuppers, yuppie, nofin, and pwease. She is an amazing artist and baker. She met the love of her life in August. She writes smileys like (: She has my heart now and always will. She takes my breath away with every "I love you". I love you more Anna! :p
She is nice but she is no Anna!

Q: Do you know who is cuter than Anna?
A: Nothing!
by ILA <3 November 20, 2010
Most beautiful, smart, courages, risk taking person ever. They are never scared to share their feelings, and they always know what to say or do to make somebody's day light up.

They have the most amazing smile you will ever see!
Wow that girl is like an Anna
by Tripppyy November 28, 2014
Perfect. Truly amazing. Smart, funny, gorgeous, charming, talented at everything she does, sweet, outgoing, crazy, cool, amazing, nice, and popular. She also has great taste in everything. She is good-spirited and stylish. She is also very comforting and there is never a time where you don't want to be with her. She always knows just what to say. Everyone knows who she is. The best person you will ever meet. Guys, the want her and girls, they want to be her. It is impossible to get mad at her because she is just too great. You will never meet a more amazing and perfect person than Anna ever.
Wow, she was acting so cool today. Just like Anna!
by FunGo-er November 25, 2011
The most amazing girl a guy could ask for. She is very intelligent, wise, thoughtful, DROP DEAD GORGOGEOUS, and just amazing overall and any guy would be lucky as all hell to have her.
"That girl is very attractive and looks smart. I bet she's an Anna"
by vagagulis July 17, 2015
A really cool chick with a hipster state of mind. Everyone loves her, even people who should hate her. She's petite and gracefully awkward, loves art, and loves music. Her preferred style is indie. Loves guys in chinos, loves a scruffy guy, and loves tall guys with wavy or curly hair. Anybody would be lucky to be friends or in a relationship with Anna. She also likes theatre and acting. She's an amazing singer and has a quirky style that is positively infectious. Watch out, though. When people start following her trends, she gets angry. So let Anna be herself! It's all she needs to be happy:)
Girl: "Who's your friend?"
Girl 2: "Oh, that's my friend, Anna."
Girl: "You have a friend named Anna? You're sooo lucky!"
by Florence Aberdeen November 18, 2012
The name of some Disney princess everyone keeps going crazy over for some reason.
"I love Anna from Frozen!"
"Damn will you just let it go!"
by RVFIV December 17, 2015

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