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The perfect girl ever. She is sweet, beautiful, amazing, my best friend, and the only girl I will ever love.
Dave: Did you see that girl just now?
James: Yeah man her name must be Anna!
by pmtalker124 July 26, 2011
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet,

She'll make your life a treat!
Hot, Sexy & Gorgeous in the same package,
she's so skinny she has no baggage!

She should never have any doubts about people liking her, many boys druel for her, and she should never worry about how many friends she has, she'll always have someone there to love her. She should never change, she's amazing
Person 1: That girl, is so pretty, her eyes so seductive, who is she?
Person 2: Oh her? She's most definately an Anna
by b3ll4m4n14 July 20, 2011
Anna is a rather short girl with a lot of spunk. She likes to makes sculptures out of seeds and hold a guitar like she can actually play it.. Anna can make many voices and it is very entertaining. She's a very pretty girl. Likes to get her drink on. Also likes to play with white out.
Kid: Whoa, can I have your autograph?? You're sooo Anna.
by lilthugnastyphat June 21, 2011
The most amazing girl in the world
My heart skipped 3 beats when I met Anna
by aloverahoper May 17, 2011
the defenition of an anna is a girl whu is sweet,cute,sexxy,gorgeous,pretty,hot, an angel.once u meet an anna u gotta make sure not to loose her becouse ur life wud not be as fun as befor. she is funny n just plain amazing if u need her for anything she will be there for u no matter what.she is really sweetn she knows how to party n when i mean party i mean party hard n shes really fun to be around n she iss an one gud kisser n if u ever meet an anna make sure too be friends with her it will probly one of the best things tht can happen in your life (:
anna iss just plain amazin

u just gotta love anna
by mrr steal yooo girl March 26, 2011
the awesome girl ever who loves to party and is the best at sex, loves using her tongue and never gives up a shot.
damn loook at anna!
by hogwardslo January 07, 2011
Is a fun luvin fanny
Hey Anna you make me laugh you fanny
by Victoria89999 April 30, 2010