Perfect. Truly amazing. Smart, funny, gorgeous, charming, talented at everything she does, sweet, outgoing, crazy, cool, amazing, nice, and popular. She also has great taste in everything. She is good-spirited and stylish. She is also very comforting and there is never a time where you don't want to be with her. She always knows just what to say. Everyone knows who she is. The best person you will ever meet. Guys, the want her and girls, they want to be her. It is impossible to get mad at her because she is just too great. You will never meet a more amazing and perfect person than Anna ever.
Wow, she was acting so cool today. Just like Anna!
by FunGo-er November 25, 2011
the most amazing person ever to walk this earth<3 she has the best friends ever!!!! PERRY THE PLATAPUS IS OUR BEST FRIEND<33. she can always make you laugh and everybody loves her and if they dont, they r just jealous<33
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi anna
by bieberbieber August 13, 2011
The perfect girl ever. She is sweet, beautiful, amazing, my best friend, and the only girl I will ever love.
Dave: Did you see that girl just now?
James: Yeah man her name must be Anna!
by pmtalker124 July 26, 2011
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet,

She'll make your life a treat!
Hot, Sexy & Gorgeous in the same package,
she's so skinny she has no baggage!

She should never have any doubts about people liking her, many boys druel for her, and she should never worry about how many friends she has, she'll always have someone there to love her. She should never change, she's amazing
Person 1: That girl, is so pretty, her eyes so seductive, who is she?
Person 2: Oh her? She's most definately an Anna
by b3ll4m4n14 July 20, 2011
Anna is a beautiful, cute yet sexy as possible. She is kind of punk. Likes to sing and dance while also liking video games and pizza. She will always be there for you as long as you are always there for her. She is often insecure so be nice and you can get a great friend. She also loves sports. Hockey probably considered the best thing on earth in her mind.
Isn't Anna a lovely person?

Yes. She really is special.
by Emmerrrrr January 07, 2015
Is a fun luvin fanny
Hey Anna you make me laugh you fanny
by Victoria89999 April 30, 2010
Most beautiful, smart, courages, risk taking person ever. They are never scared to share their feelings, and they always know what to say or do to make somebody's day light up.

They have the most amazing smile you will ever see!
Wow that girl is like an Anna
by Tripppyy November 28, 2014

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