The most awesome, prettiest, most popular (she gets good grades to!) girl in the School. Everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) Likes her and all the boys have crushes on her. Everyone is envious of Anna but at the same time Anna has thousands of friends
1: Wow that girl in smokin
2: She so an Anna
by hannahmontanahater June 19, 2009
A now comonly English name, deriving from 'Grace'. Parents adopt this name when they realise they give birth to something truly beautiful.
Queen Anna Lance.
the first blonde queen of ireland
by JaAnMnEs October 01, 2008
Usualy a slut or a whore. Always can be found drunk or sleeping with random guys they just met. Sleeps with a lot of guys. Can be beautiful but more times then not is ugly. After sleeping with going to want to get tested. Enjoys taking it up the butt.
Anna is such a slut she has a diffrent guy every night
by SpeakTruth5 August 12, 2013
Anna is most beautiful girl on the planet. She is typically really short with big eyes. She also tends to have insanely amazing curves. She is hilarious and very sarcastic, not to mention she's feisty as hell so you never want to get on her bad side. Anna is also one of the sweetest and most caring girls you will ever meet. She is passionate about everything she does, typically she does music related things. Not to mention her amazing taste in music. She's compassionate and gives some of the best advice, Anna is wise beyond her years. She’s also pretty dorky and fun-loving. Any guy would be lucky to date her. She lights up the room when she walks in. She tends to be very insecure but people don't really ever understand why. She can hang out with boys and fit right in cause she's laid back and is sort of a tomboy. She also typically has trust issues so if she trusts you don't betray her because she will make you pay for it. Basically Anna is amazing.
you are going out with anna?
yes i am why?
she is sooo cute!
forgive me anna i love you

brandon .l.
by bwes124 November 01, 2012
If there was an award for the most sweetest, cutest, elegant smile it would be Anna. Her body was sculpted by god himself. She could turn your worst day completely around, if it its your first time talking to Anna be careful looking into her eyes, or you WILL be hypnotized. If you see the most perfect girl, you dont even have to ask her name..
dave: OMG... *rolling back and forth on floor*

me: the hell just happen??

dave: OMFG... anna.. *rolling back and forth on floor*

me: no flippin way!! "THE anna"???

dave: *passes out*
by youdidnthearthisfromme February 11, 2011
She hangs out and jokes with both boys and girls and is pretty close to a tom boy. Even though she says that she isn't crushing on anyone, the truth is that she really likes on guy and wishes that they would go out, yet they always argue(joking wise). Anna is a very brave and courageous girl and will protect her friends against anyone, but will murder an enemy near her and will make them feel so small that they will wish that they had never met her in a bad way. Yet, she will never swear near anyone but her besties. She is Anna .You will never forget her.
I'm scared!!
Anna is RED!
by mannaswimmer January 19, 2013
the most sweet, loving person, always there for you never letting you down. tends to be senstive but is always honest and willing to try stuff. will tell you off if you mess with her, almost always comes off weak but stronger than you may think. in general easy to love and has lots to give
"your acting like such an anna today"
by easytolove April 03, 2010

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