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Is a fun luvin fanny
Hey Anna you make me laugh you fanny
by Victoria89999 April 30, 2010
99 96
Short for the Norwegian word "Åndsvak", meaning that the person in context is mentally retarded.
Din ånnas Lars Egil !
(Translation: You mentally retarded person Lars Egil)
by Ken Patrick April 30, 2006
43 39
A beautiful girl who everyone loves. Annas tend to love basketball and have really pretty eyes. Annas traditionally have long hair that everyone loves to play with. They have the best friends ever and are great at giving advice. People named Anna love to laugh,but hate lies. Annas are amazing.
Trey:I wish I could kiss her! She's amazing!
Hanna:She must be an Anna!
by ammsducker May 23, 2013
16 14
An amazing,caring,and beautiful (inside and out) girl. She loves her friends and can be shy but loud,crazy, and spontaneous when she's with her friends. She's athletic and musical and is the best person ever. Anna's are also pretty darn good artist and are creative.
Damn, I want an Anna.
by Kookieee May 23, 2013
14 12
The most beautiful girl in the world. She has an amazing smile and beautiful eyes. Anna usually knows how to keep someone happy and always comes up with something new to talk about. Anna can also be mistaken for an angel at times.
"Did you see Anna?"

"That girl? She looks like an angel!"
by mmlover February 02, 2013
22 20
She is a really nice person, and she is smarter than she says she is. She also has a great smile, is really cute, and has amazing eyes. Her smile is amazing. She is the nicest person I know, and is a really good friend. I am glad to be friends with her, and i wouldn't know what to do without her as a friend.
Anna is the nicest person ever
by penguin man 17 January 19, 2013
20 18
a young person who's enthusiasm towards acting is infectious. she has a habit of making everyone around her happy. great actress. also really super pretty, humble, and an awesome friend. usually Christian or Jewish and, as such, has great morals.
Person: "Did you see that girl? Her acting style is amazing!"
Me: "Oh, that's Anna, and, yeah, she's the boss."
by iloveactingmorethanlife December 27, 2012
16 14