a feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish that is commonly associated with the teenage years. And angsty teenager tends to wallow in these feeling melodramatically, wanting pity from others while also simultaneously wishing to remain tragically misunderstood, much to the annoyance of his friends.
Harry was very angsty during his fifth year.
by iliketuurltes September 30, 2013
Commonly known as "Fear" in Germany,
Angst can also describe something, if someone is told to stop angsting, they usually whine, weep and are mostly very childish, Angst is also a part of Scandinavian culture, as we all know, Scandinacia (Northern Europe) is a very dark territory during winter, and depression reaches it's highest peak at this point of the year, this is the golden "age" of angst, most teenagers, AND olders become "Angsted", they do not care for their lifes, other people's lifes, their job or about anything, they live their everyday lifes in gray dark world without any peak of hope. Most people who are depressed, can also descriped as "Angsted", this term is mostly used when talking about teenage-depression, and/or short-term depression or mood-change.
by Jonesy McGregory November 01, 2003
1. see xanga, emo
2. adaptation of German word for "fear"(and quite an extension if you ask me 0_o) referring to an emotion, more or less hormonally induced, occurring in early and middle stages of puberty for most people and in worst-case scenarios for some menstruating women.Often accompanied by a loss of perspective and an extreme magnification of trifling difficulties.
Angsty 13 yr olds are the target age group for the new razor blade company's advertisements.
by IntestinePoet July 09, 2005
1. A downtrodden feeling, accompanied by anxiety and a sense of hopelessness. Most commonly seen in those going through the mid to later stages of Puberty.
2. Most definitely NOT a valid source of entertainment.
1. "Oh shit, dad is gonna kill me when he gets home... I better sit here and do nothing about it while I listen to Linkin Park.."
2. Dawson's Creek, 90210, Inuyasha
by WeZil August 16, 2004
Glorified synonym for whine.
That angsty guy is so hot!
No he isn't, he's just complaining about his life!
by Twisteret November 15, 2008
An intense longing or yearning for someone or something to happen in one's life. Angst by its modern definition does not necessarily carry a negative connotation, and can be a positive emotion that many people seek out in relationships or in life. Angst is also common in dramatic relationships and can be a driving force that pushes two people to be together because of the fact that being apart from each other makes their hearts yearn for each other. We call this being 'angsty'. Being angsty is the result of having an excessive amount of angst in one's life.
"I'm so angsty right now! I just want to kiss Chase soooo bad!"
by blondebombshell2 February 12, 2012
Something I had a lot of when published most of my other UD entries.
"I had a lot of angst and angry when I published those definitions of teen parent, religion and nice guy, and now I feel bad because I can't delete any of them."
by desPERRYado December 26, 2006
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