Verb. The M.K. Verb for "to suffer from angst".
He angsts often because he is a teenager.
by Lucius March 21, 2005
CJ aka Bladeshot. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
CJ is full of whiny, teenage ANGST.
by KON September 03, 2004
Stupid teenage girls who think that because their boyfriend left them and they have one zit on their ass that the whole world has teamed up against them.

Commonly depressed, anxious, and very emo.
OMGZ~! LINKIN PARK SAIZ CRAWLEENG IN MA SKIN I KAN RELAIT 2 DAT S0 WELL LOLZ!!!!11 they noez exaktly h0w i feelz!!/1 *slits wrists*
by EmoHater February 02, 2005

also, please see Emo.
"...But Home is Nowhere" - by AFI
by listener of good music August 25, 2004
a word used to describe a feeling felt by sissies, who have nothing better to do than mope around and feel sorry for themselves.
God!, Life is So unfair!
by BL March 07, 2004

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