What a son, away at college, experiences when his mother's number appears on the caller ID while he is ballz deep inside his girlfriend. Also, what a lunatic mother experiences when she finds out that her college age son is kissing another womans ass.
He experienced so much angst after he saw who was calling while he was balling.
by non-anchor May 19, 2006
The Feeling; "Fuck Everything"
A man who has an angst felling, means they dont fucking care
by ThatOldGoatSer June 04, 2003
The way that Arch Angel acts constantly.

Also see, dumbass.
AngstAngel13 is a sad little man who listens to emo music and rawks out with his wrist scarz, f00.
by Chiefzorz December 19, 2005
Teenages who listen to Linkin Park.
"My girlfriend left me! I'm so depressed that I'll form a band and cut my wrists! My parents don't understand me!I go into the darkness of my room and I eat spiders!"

by Cut my Wrists January 03, 2005

Actually, I associate this word with humor. It is just to funny. I mean. LISTEN TO IT: Angst.
Tibby called Mike an 'Angstaa Gangstaa', and I could not control my laughter in the least.
by Jade November 13, 2004
Kim Fey............................
Kim Fey needs to get over herslef and do something about her problems.
by not penis December 17, 2004
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