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This is the abilty to pleasure oneself with the use of both the right, and left hand. This is derived from the latin words " Ambosituos" and " Wank".
p1: 'Im getting bored with my right hand...'
p2: 'Well i never find that, im Ambiwankstrous! '
by Jeffrey Fielder February 23, 2005
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someone who can jerk off with both hands
hes ambiwankstrous. im impressed.
by niggasense February 27, 2005
The ability to masturbate or pull the pud just as effectively with either hand
"I write left-handed,play golf right-handed but when it comes to masturbation I'm ambiwankstrous
by Uncle Len May 11, 2004
when a person has the ability to make himself reach a sexual climax using either of his hands.

my friend made this word up.. I think hes nuts...
I am ambiwankstrous so if one wrist is too sore, I can just change over.
by Sir_FireStorm June 26, 2004
The ability to use both hands to wank with equal facility
Man 1. Did you know that I'm ambiwankstrous?

Man 2. What does that mean you chuffer?

Man 1. It means I can choke the chicken with both hands equally well
#wank #wanking #spanking the monkey #thrapping #tossing
by john1million October 25, 2011
The ability to slap a bitch with both hands
Pimp1: Dammit, that hoe broke my pimp hand
Pimp2: U aint no pimp BITCH, a true playa is ambiwankstrous
by Mizz Dimplz February 25, 2005
Equally able to masturbate with both hands.
"Dave, how are you going to wank with a broken wrist?"

"Don't worry mate; I'm ambiwankstrous"
#wank #masturbate #ambidextrous #jerk off #toss off
by Malfeasor September 18, 2015
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