All Retarded Pretentious Gamers.
"No, I would rather not visit AllRPG today, my lady."
by lol May 23, 2004
Top Definition
A website with a bunch of crackhead frequenters at the forums and chat room.
AllRPG is my second home.
by Void November 17, 2003
1.)An excellent, welcoming RPG forum with a lazy drunk Administrator and a power-whore head mod. :D

2.)A good place fer ghey secks and shaking one's head at the degradation of public education in these past few years.
Oh look, yet ANOTHER drug thread on the same guy! That makes 20!

They tried to bring individuality to the forums, but were banned or insulted.

AllRPG is the forum equivalent of crack.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 11, 2004
A forum community with discussions ranging from string theory to WHOULD U FCUK CLOOUD IN TEH ASS?!?!11

A wise old caramel dealer living in the mountains once said that nobody at allrpg has a big penis.
by Wubster January 08, 2004
The future of RPG intelligence.
If you love Final Fantasy, we've got people that'll argue with you on all points of it 24-7.

On the other hand, we welcome those that love Chrono Trigger and Earthbound.
by Hattori May 10, 2004
1: Gathering place for debate on videogames.

2: Informative internet BBS.


4: Gathering place for psuedo-intellectuals who have nothing better to do than bitch and delude themselves with their forum conspiracies.
AllRPG is a well kept and currently drama free.

AllRPG roxxorz my boxxorz.

If you don't fit into the high standards or agree with the forum drama queens, they will get on their Live Journals and gawk like a sewing circle.

If you're banned from AllRPG, you probably couldn't handle social situations anyway.
by Paragraph May 12, 2004
Fuck definitions, I'm only here for the free cookies... more cookies?
by Thermal Undies May 12, 2004
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