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A forum community with discussions ranging from string theory to WHOULD U FCUK CLOOUD IN TEH ASS?!?!11

A wise old caramel dealer living in the mountains once said that nobody at allrpg has a big penis.
by Wubster January 08, 2004
Sounds like a laundry detergent brand, but it actually rumoured to be the elusive HolyDragonSword
|Official BISH approved Bishounen! (Eternally young elder)|AllRPG Swords Group|AllRPG NewWelComm|Cherry's Guys|Gentlemen's Aerith Gainsborough Society|Happily owned by *|Proud owner of chiibi-kenshin|Riku's Angels|Meis Triumph's Girls: MissLarisha/Neon Black, TsukiYume, Fire_Fly17, MoogleChan, Rinoa_Heartilly, LadyAkuma, dove18, andieness, cherryfire, Ruzi, LessThanLiz*, Sayuri, ROWA, Idun, Data, Elysium, Sasquatch, Tomoyo, rebekahish, Thermal Undies
President of the "Underground" SOCES Anime Club|Where I b*tch a lot.
by Wubster May 12, 2004
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