3 definitions by Hattori

The future of RPG intelligence.

If you love Final Fantasy, we've got people that'll argue with you on all points of it 24-7.

On the other hand, we welcome those that love Chrono Trigger and Earthbound.
by Hattori May 10, 2004
Misspelling of "The". Commonly seen in internet chat rooms and messages.
Babyee143: OMG LOL UR TEH SUK!!!

Grownup36: No, YOU'RE the suck.
by Hattori May 10, 2004
The correct grammar of the l337 word "pwn". Used by individuals who either refuse to type in the correct l337 word.
Joker46: Haha, I just pawned your ass.
HackerMan: Wha? it's pwn j00 ass, sucker.
Joker46: I prefer pawn. Sounds better.
by Hattori May 10, 2004

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