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1. An adjective describing one who finds him or her self looking up words such as lonely on urbandictionary.com because he or she misses his or her loved one, or has not yet found one to be named as such.


2. 12:42 a.m.: Sitting in front of a computer in the dead of night, wondering where the girl that you've fallen madly in love with is and most of all, why she's not here, next to you. Usually this condition can be cured by random yet enthusiastic reiteration of the phrase: "I love you, Diana!"
I am feeling lonely without you.
by Void June 20, 2004
Going to a gas station, pumping, and then getting the fuck out of dodge.
Employee: ...what the hell, get back here!

by void August 09, 2003
Slang use of the word quiz.
If you call a quiz a quizicle... then what would you call a test?
by Void October 07, 2003
A website with a bunch of crackhead frequenters at the forums and chat room.
AllRPG is my second home.
by Void November 17, 2003
"orken" another word for "kork"
"y0 orken move ya fsckin big aZZ to subway"
by void October 06, 2003
(n) 1. He who sings about shaving his pubes and busting nuts also is he who goes by the name of Karsh.
2. Synonym for 'Big Daddy'.

(v) The process of accusing one of hot carl, homosexual and various other sexual fetishes.
A man named Karsh once accused the Harlem Globetrotter's of taking a team shit on my girlfriend.
by Void April 10, 2005
A Jebbe is an old Cumquat. Usually related to the act of jumping into trees.
I'm an old fruit Japan named Jebbe.
by Void August 01, 2003

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