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1.)When all hell breaks loose, Pandora's Box is opened, when you're screwed big time, and/or when yer fucked over.

2.)The moment at which fecal matter hits the spinning blades of an electric fan.

3.)A really good Circle Jerks song featured on the cult classic film Repo Man.
We just get by however we can. We all gotta duck, when the shit hits the fan!

Goddamit boy, how many time have I told you to stop shitting in front of the fan?
by Holy Dragon Sword May 14, 2004
1.) Literally, "God".

2.) Main boss(er, sorta) of the amazing RPG Xenogears; a false god.
Thou shall bow to thy deus, Aquasol!

God damn Deus! Bastard healed himself!
by Holy Dragon Sword May 14, 2004
Main female character of the godlike rpg Star Ocean: The Second Story.

The main healer in the game, and the second person in the entire game who can cast restorative magic.
Rena Lanford is the goddess I worship.

Rena cast "Fairy Heal", restoring 2000+ HP to the party.

Rena is FAR more useful than that pussy Noel. And she has one of the best VAs in the whole game.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 14, 2004
1.) When a music trank is so good, it gives the listener an empowered feeling.

2.) When hearing something gives the listener an orgasm.
Mitsuda's "Proto Merkabah" gives me a soundgasm. So does Emily Bindiger's voice.

Elly had a soundgasm every time she heard a cat meow.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 08, 2004
1.) Literally in Al Behd, "Fuck you".
2.) Something I say to many people, especially school admin.
Vilg oui, pakehhan!

Mr. Maza, on behalf of the students at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies...VILG OUI! :)
by Holy Dragon Sword May 14, 2004
1.)An excellent, welcoming RPG forum with a lazy drunk Administrator and a power-whore head mod. :D

2.)A good place fer ghey secks and shaking one's head at the degradation of public education in these past few years.
Oh look, yet ANOTHER drug thread on AllRPG...by the same guy! That makes 20!

They tried to bring individuality to the forums, but were banned or insulted.

AllRPG is the forum equivalent of crack.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 11, 2004
1.)Technique used by the boss Miguel in Chrono Cross; White elemental.

2.)Well-known/infamous poster at allrpg, known for: strange news stories, hard-to-catch satires, that Meis Triumph avatar, and that really big list of lovely ladies in his sig.

3.)Holy sword of the Dragons. Translation: really, really strong.
Dammit, Miguel killed me 3 times with that damn HolyDragonSword technique of his!

His mighty dragon-size sword made her holy.

HDS...sounds like some sort of sexually transmitted disease...

HolyDragonSword is the one I think about when I finger myself. He is also my lord and master.
by Holy Dragon Sword May 12, 2004

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