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1: Gathering place for debate on videogames.

2: Informative internet BBS.


4: Gathering place for psuedo-intellectuals who have nothing better to do than bitch and delude themselves with their forum conspiracies.
AllRPG is a well kept and currently drama free.

AllRPG roxxorz my boxxorz.

If you don't fit into the high standards or agree with the forum drama queens, they will get on their Live Journals and gawk like a sewing circle.

If you're banned from AllRPG, you probably couldn't handle social situations anyway.
by Paragraph May 12, 2004
- Someone who uses a decent knowledge of the English language to mask his lack of knowledge in anything else.

- Obsessive, former member of a user group that, after being banned, still pays way too much attention to the boards.
Aboninari made a statement about current political agenda, but after careful study of his response, it ended up "*subject* is teh suck".
by Paragraph May 12, 2004

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