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A hot ass guy that is strong and smart. Trys everything to keep a relationship from failing and is good when it comes to listening and talking (not to girls). Also know best for his abilities and experience in bed. A great friend and the best boyfriend to be with. On the other hand not the best person to mess with because he can fight. Adrian for some reason cannot hold a grudge for little things, but can and will not let it go if it horible. Even if he says he got over it (he really didn't). Another thing is once he likes someone he wont move on til he gets that person or he finally accepts that he is never going to get her. BUT just give him a chance... he may just be the best thing thats ever happen to you.
No Example of Adrian
by People_Person October 05, 2008
God of sexonia, has the physical features of hercules + ron jeremys penis times a million suns, best harmonicists/drummer in the known universe and quite possibly ur pants, can make any girl orgas-maplode into sunshine (no fat chicks)
NOONE will ever be considered close to being adrian
by Adrian Lane January 01, 2008
very hot guy with an AMAZING body and hot ass arms
overall hot guy.

girl 1: hey whats up?
girl 2: -drools-
girl 1: why are you drooling?
girl 2: -points at adrian-
girl 1: -drools-
by teelayuh February 29, 2008
A very sweet boy, that listens to your problems and tries to help you out, he's very good at figuring you out, he tells you straight up how he feels bout situations, he is strong as a christian and dosnt only think about himself he puts family or friends first, he's not selfish but very thankful for what he's got, but dont mess with this kid cause he is a very good fighter and he will Eff you up. Other then that he's a good boy, smart, strong, and caring.
You know adrian omg he is such a good friend i love him.
by tumadre8one2 July 16, 2009
a man that contains an anaconda like penis in his pants. he is fucking awsome in everything he does and if he fucks your mom it's like a blessing from god. most women love his extremely large penis and are rumored to have up to 23 girls sucking his enormous dick. he fucking owns everyone but is still a nice guy. no one has ever dared to stand up to him because he is a fucking PIMP!!! if you do you will most likely end up dead after his mighty PIMP hand. all hail Adrian the fucking G riding gangster Jewish hating PIMP. NO fat chicks
Christian- man I wish I was an Adrian!

Raul- I know what you mean, I'll never get the mad ass bitches he gets

Christian- oh well we'll just have to settle with our 2 1/2 inch chodes
by macktastic unicorn October 05, 2009
Adrian: Is one of the world's sweetest people ever to have seize to exist on this planet. Adrian can be very romantic, and always seem to have a giant heart. Adrian can also be very funny & make everyone have a good time with his good spirit. Adrian's always seem to have a perfect sense of style, and are always organized. They're very forgiving & give chances to redeem yourself. Adrian's look within the heart, and see passed any flaws. They are very spontaneous & live life on the edge. Adrian makes any heart melt, especially a Cynthia's. He's so good willing, and makes anyone happy with just one kiss on the lips, cheek, hand, and or forehead. His heartbeat makes any day better, & his daring ways will just make you like them more. They're very fun, crazy, loud, phenomenal, & a wonderful person to ever be around. An Adrian is absolutely perfect for a Cynthia. If you know an Adrian, you're a very lucky person.
-"You're smiling in delight, did you meet an Adrian?"
by RadXcyndi824 February 08, 2010
A kick-ass guy who knows just what I want and how and makes me feel good all the time because he is sweet and empathetic and very very passionate and expressive. And masculine. And HOT. And SEXY. And I wish he was all mine. And I love him with every bit of me. A man who touches the core of you and knows your very soul.
'I love how you make me feel, especially when we are alone.'

A man so full of life and love, he amazes me, always.

'Adrian... takes my breath away.' (Just like the song)
by TeeCeeToo February 04, 2010
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