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A kindhearted and somewhat shy guy with an excellent laugh, and a wonderful friend once you get to know him. Very good at listening.
Adrian was always there when you needed him.
by werelkdfja ; September 10, 2010
Single most important name there is, one everybody should know, and will. A man that everyone aspires to be but will always fall short. Besides his ability to make artistic and musical masterpeices, he's also got ninja powers and he's pretty much a mad genius. Adrian is known for his genuine kindness towards all, he's as loyal as they come, but if u make him mad he will tae kwon kick your ass. He's the only thing that Chuck Norris fears. He taught jesus how to turn water into wine. Perfect for girls named Sarah.
Can't duplicate an Adrian.
by Sammas. October 18, 2011
Man who constantly oozes sex out of his pores. His body is like a machine that produces just pheromones. He smells like man. He is charming and has a hairy dog.
That man over there with the hot body and incredible smile is such an Adrian
by Adrian's Girlfriend December 13, 2010
An amazingly sweet and cute guy, who listens to you whenever you need to talk. He's the kind of guys that you can talk to for hours without getting bored at all. Adrian is a strong Christian and loves music, especially screamo. He will always try to help you if you have a problem, and tells you how he feels. He is the most amazing guy that you will ever meet, and if you meet him, you're really lucky, and should be grateful.
I'm so lucky that my best friend is Adrian, I love him so much =]
by musicfreakk437 September 22, 2010
An Adrian is a literally perfect guy. He's HOT, nice, smart, funny, easy to talk to and will let you borrow his jacket if you need it. An Adrian won't let you stop until you get it right and he will fight for the girl he wants to be with. Adrian is not a show off even if he's imfront of someone he wants to impress. He has a good ear and is good at sports (most likely soccer or snowboarding). Even if you don't think so he'll give you chance no matter what because he's not one to judge. He has almost ALL the ladies and is a great friend. Adrian is probably the best person you'll ever meet.
Girl 1- So who do you guys like?
Girl 2- Trevor
Girl 3- Adrian
Girl 4- Adrian
Girl 5- Adrian
Girl 6- Adrian
Girl 2- What about you?
Girl 1- Adrian
by Your_valentine April 03, 2013
A person who is unable to be identified as a male or female due to their appearance. Pronounced add-ryan
Max "Hey man, is that person a man or a women? I really can't tell!"
Andre "Don't know, it's an Adrian for sure"
David "Its name is Andy, it must be a dude."
by DKri December 30, 2013
Pronounced ADRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Rocky I after Rocky goes the distance with Apollo Creed.
Can be used after enduring an extremely long and taxing challenge.
Person1 upon completing his term paper at 4:30 AM having started that night with it being due at 9:00 AM: ADRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by FooberFoober July 22, 2005