I seen him a few times alll over long beach. Everybody that I asked about him called him Sage or Sage Adrian. He looks mean but after talking to him I can tell he's a amazing sweet guy. He has a sick goatee and plays in some bands wich is where I see him. He is always with groups of chicks and the way he looked at me when he talked I can see why. I don't know about his penis or sex or whatever but a couple of my girlfriends dated him and he made them crazy happy and then just crazy so maybe. Something about him is hypnotic.
Who's the guy with the beard?

Oh that's Sage Adrian. Careful with that one girl.
by LBskygirl April 08, 2011
a name in which a self-proclaimed Egyptian Queen uses to address her slaves.
Hey Adrian! Get me a glass of water.

I have a lot of Adrians working in my palace.

Don't treat me like an Adrian!
by kugelsack March 07, 2013
A man who moans like a hot sexy woman during sex.
Hey, do you know Adrian? He's such a screamer.
by hidden Mike Man January 22, 2011
Arian's tend to be cunts. They treat women very badly. Are bullies. They would rather sit around smoking pot then give a shit about anything. They think that they are the most important person in the room. Tend to have a god complex. Negative about most things in life. Don't believe in having dreams. Love to destroy other peoples dreams. Act like a boy rather then a man. Useless in bed. If you are a beautiful woman then stay away from an Adrian they will destroy everything good about you.
Adrian equals a toxic poison
by sexy bitch you can't have November 26, 2011
A guy who seems amazing and pretty cute, but when you actually get to know them, they're just a egotistical jerkoff who talks to 10,000 girls at one time whilst talking to you. Tends to lie and say he cares about you when he doesn't. Amazing in bed. Great with rhythm and drums. Often has his flunky friends totally facebook stalk you. Known for pretending to play the victim. Total asshole.
No example, just the truth about Adrian.
by Nexus0377 March 24, 2011
Someone that leaves without warning or without saying goodbye. ADR for short.
Man, He just pulled a Adrian. Or he just pulled an ADR.
by ConradK October 15, 2008
Two faced, has a split personality or has major mood swings.
Your boyfriend is such an adrian, sometimes he's nice, otherwise he's just plain mean.
by Adtheman March 23, 2010

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