Big huge Fatass
Wow, you lost some weight, you just went from being an Adrian to a super obese person!!!
by Cali1831 April 16, 2011
To push one's way from the back to the front of a gig, in a small space of time. Just like the legend Adrian and his drunken crew did at Download Festival 2008 for Children of Bodom
'Dude I just Adrian'd my way from the front to the back of this crowd in the space of a solo!'
by adrianfan August 19, 2008
Bearing extreme resemblance to a sloth in appearance, and displaying sloth-like qualities, such as extreme lazyness, slow movement and prolonged patterns of sleep.
"yeah my room mate is such a lazy sloth! man, what an Adrian!"
by 2bucks February 05, 2008
An Adrian is a person with little or no common sense.
Mike: Did you see the way Jimmy got hussled in that card game?

Steve: Yeah, he's such an Adrian.
by Leco January 23, 2009
A very cocky, wannabe genius. Someone most would consider highly arrogant and self-centered. Known to be intelligent, though most can't see what he sees in himself.
Person 1: WOW. Did you talk to that guy over there?
Person 2: Yeah. He's such a friggin Adrian.
by Lokelani January 28, 2009
Of legal agevirginobsessed with fast food and various ways to masterbate. Will choose food over sex all the time. Masturbates frequently.
"Girls are gross! I'm staying home and know? It's gonna be an Adrian day!"
by Captain Super Cool August 11, 2008
A wedgie. Used only in San Francisco during the early to mid-1970s.
"What's a wedgie?"

"It's when they pull your underwear all the way out of your pants."

"Oh, they called it an adrian when I was in school."
by 90noslenj June 13, 2008

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