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One of the coolest boys you'll meet, great personality, and one of the most amazing mishevious smiles!!!!! You'll be lucky to meet one like him in your lifetime!!!! He's hot, funny, crazy smart, and amazingly weird;) Oh did I forget to mention he's also genuine and nice?
Girl 1: I'm going on a date with Aaron... ahh I'm so lucky! (14)

Girl 2: We know!!!!!!
by Lovedogs March 16, 2013
an amazing guy to know, someone you can just be yourself around. He might be a bit of a pervert, but he always seems to make you laugh, even if his jokes are a bit dirty. He is normally a bit tall and easy to be friends with once you get to know him. He cares about his friends and girlfriend(If he has one). Being the guy that he is, he'll normally show his affection for a girl through friendly flirting and always staying by her. If you ever date an Aaron, you might not wanna lose him. He'll always be faithful to you and treat you like a princess. You'll love him even more if you two were friends before he asked you out. Aarons have a lot of self-confidence and are pimpin'. They can easily brighten up someone's day. Always stay friends/girlfriend with an Aaron. You'll never meet another guy like him.
Aaron: Hey, spell me.
Girl: ookay... m-e.
Aaron: you forgot the 'd'.
Girl: ....There's no 'd' in 'me'...
Aaron: Maybe not, but there soon will be~
Girl: *facepalms, but laughs nonetheless*
by YankeeDoodleDork November 21, 2013
An amazing boyfriend who knows how to treat a girl right. When ever you look at him, you can't help but smile. His laugh makes any girl laugh, and he's great at playing the guitar. If you're lucky enough to date Aaron, you must be special. He is amazing.
friend: aaron is soo cute and sweet, i wish he was mine !
me: yeah (:
by kittensarenice April 30, 2013
A man (sometimes woman, boy, girl, elderly person, alien, or fish) who enjoys celebrating birthdays. It is his lifetime ambition to wish people named Amara "Happy Birthday!" every day of their lives.
Aaron: Happy Birthday, Amara!
Amara: It's not my birthday.
Aaron: It's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMARA!
by fan of birthdays April 16, 2013
A tall white kid who loves cars to a weird extent. He loves to say "Yeah buddy!" a lot and makes jokes that don't make much sense. He is trustworthy to his friends and loves camp. He also loves computers and snowboarding. He also finds coolness in stuff that other people don't think is cool.
Sam: "Yeah buddy!"

Jonah: "Sam, don't be such an Aaron S"
by smf399 February 16, 2013
A sexy ass mofo'n guy. Hes so sexi he cant wear a shirts. Also is funny as hell, great personality. :) n.o.m
Girl "aarons a sexi bitch!"
by BeanerTheJelly July 26, 2011
The most wonderful person in this world.He will go far in life with his determination and amazing sense of humor. Someone who brightens your day just by being around him. People named Aaron are funny and can keep others entertained easily.They are easy to fall for and easy to make friends with.He can always make you laugh and is a funny guy. An Aaron is someone who you can trust and will easily become your world and your everything. When you look into his eyes, all the pain in your life goes away. An Aaron is a very caring person and super protective of the people he loves. He will put you and his friends ahead of himself always! Can always make you smile.He is very handsome, and beautiful and he has an amazing way with girls! Aaron's are also great friends and lovers! Aaron's know no limits and live life to the fullest, which can sometimes mean drinking! Aaron loves his alcohol and weed, but he is also very intelligent. An Aaron is someone who knows how to have a good time. He is an amazing guy and no other can compare. He is very strong and very open minded. He is everything a girl would want in a guy.Any girl who is loved by an Aaron is the luckiest girl alive!He knows how to treat a girl. He needs the one girl that will give him the care he needs. He will make the best of all friends and no one can compare. If you have an Aaron in your life, you don't wanna lose him and if you do lose him it will be the worst thing that ever happened to you. He is also a GREAT kisser.
("Did you guys go to Aaron's party last night?!?"

"Yeah i wouldn't miss it!")

("Aaron is my best friend but i think i love him…"

"What are you waiting for?")
by Anonymous_people April 08, 2014