A particularly unreliable fuck, commonly found having extremely nappy hair. Its native habitat is Asia, but it's found in southern United States, among other places.
"I told you to do the damn dishes, stop being an Aaron!"
"Mother, can you help me with my homework?" "Shut up son, I didn't name you Aaron for a reason."
"Hey dad, I'm gonna take a shower now." "Good, wash that Aaron out of your system."
by Freeda Slaves November 10, 2013
An amazing boyfriend who knows how to treat a girl right. When ever you look at him, you can't help but smile. His laugh makes any girl laugh, and he's great at playing the guitar. If you're lucky enough to date Aaron, you must be special. He is amazing.
friend: aaron is soo cute and sweet, i wish he was mine !
me: yeah (:
by kittensarenice April 30, 2013
The most amazing guy on the planet. Sweet, easy too talk too, VERY attractive, and caring. Oh yea, And TAKEN <3
Aaron is mine . ;D
by ilovemyboyfriend November 22, 2011
Aaron, is the most awesomest boyfriend in the world! Has amazing soccer skills, and is super sweet and cute(: <3
any girl would be lucky to have him
" Omg, Did u see that ? Hes such an Aaron(: "
by Shortie98 August 17, 2011
A great guy who's loyal and will always be there for you. Usually blonde and very funny.
Hey, that Aaron guy is really cool.
by MindGamez June 18, 2011
Nice, funny and has lots of friends he is very athletic and cares for his family. Aaron's will become rich and famous for sport and have a long happy life
Aaron's are Very popular and very kind
by Andy6578 May 15, 2015
To be an individual named Aaron, is to transcend awesomeness at it's very core.
That omnipotent being must be named Aaron!
by TheTruthOfAaron June 20, 2013

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