A particularly unreliable fuck, commonly found having extremely nappy hair. Its native habitat is Asia, but it's found in southern United States, among other places.
"I told you to do the damn dishes, stop being an Aaron!"
"Mother, can you help me with my homework?" "Shut up son, I didn't name you Aaron for a reason."
"Hey dad, I'm gonna take a shower now." "Good, wash that Aaron out of your system."
by Freeda Slaves November 10, 2013
sexy black male

funny af
knows just what to say
you fall in love wit an aaron the moment they hug you
popular, frends wit evryone
i love you Aaron
by Jenae February 11, 2012
an amazing guy to know, someone you can just be yourself around. He might be a bit of a pervert, but he always seems to make you laugh, even if his jokes are a bit dirty. He is normally a bit tall and easy to be friends with once you get to know him. He cares about his friends and girlfriend(If he has one). Being the guy that he is, he'll normally show his affection for a girl through friendly flirting and always staying by her. If you ever date an Aaron, you might not wanna lose him. He'll always be faithful to you and treat you like a princess. You'll love him even more if you two were friends before he asked you out. Aarons have a lot of self-confidence and are pimpin'. They can easily brighten up someone's day. Always stay friends/girlfriend with an Aaron. You'll never meet another guy like him.
Aaron: Hey, spell me.
Girl: ookay... m-e.
Aaron: you forgot the 'd'.
Girl: ....There's no 'd' in 'me'...
Aaron: Maybe not, but there soon will be~
Girl: *facepalms, but laughs nonetheless*
by YankeeDoodleDork November 21, 2013
An excellent display of near human perfection. He is a nice guy with a great personality. He is known for being a leader and his intelligence is breathtaking. He is very athletic and is known for his speed. Aaron displays that speed by playing wide receiver on the football team and burns people all day. Girls seem to like him, and he knows how to have a good time. All in all he is well respected and everybody knows he is the man.
Girl 1: Wow who is that hot guy over there?
Girl 2: Thats Aaron!
Girl 1: of course it is.
by GspotLauren October 28, 2012
One of the coolest boys you'll meet, great personality, and one of the most amazing mishevious smiles!!!!! You'll be lucky to meet one like him in your lifetime!!!! He's hot, funny, crazy smart, and amazingly weird;) Oh did I forget to mention he's also genuine and nice?
Girl 1: I'm going on a date with Aaron... ahh I'm so lucky! (14)

Girl 2: We know!!!!!!
by Lovedogs March 16, 2013
Aaron is simply perfect. He's sweet and caring, while he can be manly and mature at the same time. Never let one go when you get an Aaron in your life. If you're lucky enough to date him, give him time to open up to you. Once you earn his trust he will tell you exactly how he feels and while care how you feel. He's slow with being physical bc he respects girls, but once you get him turned on he will be so hot and know exactly what to do. He's marriage material and you better be completely loyal to him bc he gets very jealous. If you don't look at other guys it's guaranteed he wont look at other girls. He's extremely intelligent and thoughtful!
Single Friend: "What did Aaron get you for Valentines?"

Me: "A dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and an evening alone at his place.. ;)"
Single Friend: "I'm so jealous. What's his brother's name again?!"
by LeelaXFry March 08, 2013
The most amazing guy on the planet. Sweet, easy too talk too, VERY attractive, and caring. Oh yea, And TAKEN <3
Aaron is mine . ;D
by ilovemyboyfriend November 22, 2011

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