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At the same time
You see I'm not a woman, I can't do that atst
by Lazerdude April 16, 2011
While not as imposing as its larger AT-AT walker cousin, the AT-ST nonetheless served as a significant addition to the Imperial side of battlefields in the Galactic Civil War. The two-man craft is lightly armed with chin-mounted laser cannons, and side-mounted weapon pods. The two legged craft, dubbed the scout walker by many, serves as a reconnaisance and patrol vehicle, often flanking approaching AT-ATs and mopping up infantry that sneaks past the larger walkers. The Imperials used AT-STs in both the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor.
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by not a starwars geek November 29, 2004
At the same time.
"Sam and I said hi ATST"

"I want to, but i don't ATST"
by AtTheSameTime October 22, 2009