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The ice planet in the empire strikes back where the rebels get their asses kicked by the empire
This is the best sequel ever for any movie.
by Adrian March 30, 2005
Best way to describe a winter outside when the weather is below -18C or below 0 F and there's a shitload of ice and snow.
It's fucking hoth out!
by Elixxur January 07, 2015
HOTH stands for "houses of the holy", which is the 5th Led Zeppelin album. It was released in 1973, by Alantic records. Some people count this as their most "experimental" album because the album had a reggae type song called "D'yer Mak'er" (pronounced Jamaica, like the country) and a funk type song called "The Crunge". This album was a turning point for Zeppelin, as the music started getting heavier they were loosing some of their blues sound.

Houses of the Holy is also the name of one of Led Zeppelin's songs on the album Physical Graffiti.
HOTH is my favorite album.
by Justin P. B. April 26, 2006
Houses of the holy.a led zeppelin album with such hits as "No Quarter","Over The Hills And Far Away", "The Ocean" and many more.
houses of the holy is from led zeppelin the greatest band in the world.
by justin January 01, 2005
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