Acronym for Anal pore (asshole): it's just a simple way to call someone an asshole in their face without them noticing. :)
*Asshole manager is being an asshole during a meeting*

I make a remark about some A.P.s being present, she then concurs because she thinks is some tech term that she has no idea what it means.
The rest of us smirk!
by col_dbag May 12, 2010
All pick. A type of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) option that is typed at the beginning of the game to allow any player to select any hero.
Host: "-ap"
by SmokeMyDistro April 01, 2006
As a military abriviation, this is short for Armour Piercing. As in an Armour Piercing round (bullet) or rocket.

An AP round is designed to penetrate through protctive armour, most AP rounds can even penetrate level 3A protective armour (but may have trouble with gunshields) AP rounds are nicknamed "greenies" by the guys in my PLT because of the dab of green paint on the tip to indicate it's an AP round.

An AP rocket (for example, an AP FFAR) is designed to pentrate the armour of heavy armoured vehicles (tanks) as a sole purpose.
"We've got multiple suspects in paramilitary gear, full body armour, so everyone load up with AP rounds"
by MarineJulio April 06, 2005
A P.S is when a person piss and shit at the same time. This usually happen to females when they take a small amount shit and piss at the same time.
Yo nigga I just took the meanest a p.s ev va.
by Fsmith08 May 13, 2009
Andy Pryles Syndrome

A syndrome that consists of having a really big head being smart having dry cracked skin and being an overall idiot
I think that guy has A.P.S.
by MonJeyer June 12, 2011
Attachment Parenting. Style of parenting advocating co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, and carrying baby in slings for the best health of the baby and the parents. Dr. Sears a founder.
"That being said, I'm a WOHM w/ a SAHDwork at home mom with a stay at home dad. I spend lots of time at work hanging out on a msg board for APattachment parenting."
by Erin February 22, 2005
Aternative Press:
A awesome magazine with tons of alternative bands.Check for retailers at
Did you check Sum 41 on the cover of AP?
That was the shit!
by truong October 11, 2004

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