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A mixture of poop and puke. It can emit from either the throat or the anus and is equally surprising either way. Projectile pupeing has been observed in highly intoxicated individuals.
Did you see John just pupe all over himself? I ain't cleaning that sh!t up!
by Bob "the dream" Oregano March 28, 2005
The vomit that can only occur after a dog has eaten its own, or another animals, feces. It is a dazzling mixture of vomit and feces that causes a chain reaction of gagging and/or vomiting, making it very difficult to clean up.
"Dude, your dog just puped on the floor."
or "who's gonna clean up the pupe, because I can't stop gagging"
by A Ling January 16, 2010
that poop you take that also makes you sick and shivery. you're on the toilet crapping when you suddenly feel nauseous. pupe is a mix of the words poop and puke.
oh no, i think i'm going to have a sweaty shivery pupe again... third time today
by aislinntheace April 07, 2009
The act of defecating into a toilet bowl of freshly shaved pubic hair.
I had the shower running, and didn't want to flush the toilet, so I was forced to take a pupe after manscaping this morning.

I took a pupe earlier and it looked like a hairy Lincoln Log.
by Stupac December 04, 2012
An extremely unsightly color that is a mix between mustard yellow and sage green.
Chris' car is colored PUPE!
by JacinthVisor October 21, 2010
use insted of coo,phat,cool,bad ass, blah,blah,blah
Wow, man,that game is soo PÜPE.
by SailingAway September 29, 2004