AOL = After Orgasm Look
Kirby: You look sleepy.
Benj: No, it's just my AOL.
by Nick Ang July 05, 2006
Stands for American Online, the crappiest internet service ever created in the history of the world. Supposedly corupts your hard-drive so you can using nothing BUT AOL
Mom look! its aol! 8mom pulls out .44 Magnum, shoots disc out of boys hand*
Mom in clint eastwood voice-so it five or six bullets? feeling lucky...punk?
by Mustache Man March 01, 2005
better know to me as aohell. It's a horrible service which drags it's ass more than nerv does. It boots me every 2 hours on the mark, and gives me fun spywear to deal with all the time. It is also completly uncompatable w/ windows XP.. so they fight as if aohell is the dragons of earth and windows xp is the dragons of heaven. And during there fights my poor compy transcends into no gayden goku hell, and waits till the barrier falls or the dragon of earth is banished into the castle of uranus. compys dying..stop it AOHELL! STOP!!
by Shankie Bear December 24, 2004
O.K. so you pay about £25 for AOL's 'fastest' version of broadband yet and then you find its still FUCKING dial-up. And it still has the cheek to tell you about Big fucking Brother on you're 'home' page that you can only minimize and not close. We had to get a new computer because the last one got filled with viruses from AOL. Now this one keeps crashing!!!!
by B0ris August 02, 2005
AOL sucks ass only the messenger is okay but the ISP is a load of crap. There stupid AOL 9.0 is crap and all bullshit what they say.

Get Earthlink, Netzero, Verizon, just anything but AOL. and they dont even let you use proxy servers and when you re-dial everytime on the internet you get a different IP. AOL blows and is slow as hell. And there email shit sucks too, they say 100% free of spam or whatever they say and you get 95% of spam in your inbox 24/7 aol sucks ass.
fuck AOL they dont even know what spam is.
by AOL blows November 28, 2004
1) Equivalent to Hell.
2) Laggy Piece of shit.
1) AOL = America On helL
2) AOL = America On Lag
by gundamNIT January 15, 2003
The biggest piece of shit you could ever put on your computer. AOL or America OnLine is the worlds biggest ISP and when you install their nung brain software, it hijacks your computer, and you have the devils own job of trying to remove it unless you scrub your hard drive and start again!
DO NOT put AOL on your computer, it is written by the same people that write viruses!
by I Hate AOL September 03, 2006

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