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7 definitions by Gxp

Translates to "Eat Shit And Die".
AOLuser1322456: Wow! Neopets R Fun!
CSUser: ESAD nub.
by Gxp January 07, 2003
132 33
AOL is to the internet as mexican food is to your bowels.
"You've got leprosy, goodbye!"
by Gxp August 15, 2003
89 20
Shooting range, with fully automated targets.
Billy shot his classmates. Shoot billy shoot!
by Gxp August 15, 2003
50 26
To have surprise sex with someone's face.
Janet: "Hey jane, what did you do last night?"
Jane: "Well, I was walking through the kitchen when bob jumped out and sex0red my face!"
Janet: "Oh my god!.......0WNED!"
by Gxp September 06, 2003
33 24
To have sexual relation with, or to sex with. Also see sex0r your face.
"I'm going to sex0r you now."
by Gxp December 13, 2003
4 6
A man of few words except Ayumi Hamasaki.
"Gxp: Heya Fiber!
Fiber Optikz: Ayumi Hamasakiiii..
Gxp: What?
Fiber Optikz: *Fap...fap...fapfapfapfap*
by Gxp December 13, 2003
2 8
1) Big stupid giraffe-like Mennonite

(Eytomolgy - Mennonitus Maximus)
1) "Are you going to come out tonight or are you just gonna be a hess?"

2) Every hess I know should be smacked like a bitch.
by GxP December 03, 2004
31 42