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the best city in the world

Everyone wants to be in the T-Dot
by name March 08, 2003
One of the best albums ever made.
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory is a cool album.
by Name March 20, 2003
Bronxbuddy you do have a point. Kids at my high school literally were convinced they were "from" the Bronx because they lived there until they were like 2, and expect you to think they were tough because of that. People really do not have any idea how rich Westchester is, what we consider "Middle Class" is really more like upper middle class. Yonkers is probably the only city in Westchester co. that even remote resembles the rest of the country economically so it gets labeled a dump and ostracized by snobs in Scarsdale even though Yonkers is not poor for the most part, it is just normal middle class.
"Oh I'm not rich I'm well off" -Westchester kids who drive a BMW convertible and live in a $1 million dollar house.
by Name June 24, 2004
The kind of internet you use if you live in the sticks and can't get cable internet.
I have AOL. It sucks.
by Name June 15, 2004
The coolest show ever made. ALLEZ CUISINE!
Dude, Iron Chef is coming on!
Fuck, channel 68, hurry!
by Name March 21, 2003
A complete loser (usually of the female gender) that goes online and meets other complete losers for the sole purpose of cybering.
h3y 13t'5 cyb3r
by Name June 15, 2004
to smoke marijuana
"lets go hang out with sam" (wink wink nudge nudge)
by name November 10, 2003

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