1. A nice jumbo drink coaster.
2. See frisbee
Wow, I can set two beers on this AOL disk!
by star8706 November 07, 2003
Aol Disk.
1. A promotion of AOL sent to you in a nice looking CD to brainwash you to use it
2. A Weapon of mass destruction
3. A coaster
4. A shreader un-blocker
5. A waste of a disk
6. A swear word
7. Wheels for a model car
8. A waste of paper
9. Trash
10. A bug
11. Somthing Dead
12. A retarded person's favorite word
13. A horrible birthday gift
1. I keep getting these bloody AOL disks in the mail
2. Someone tried to steal my wallet, I threw my AOL disk at him to save the day!
3. Ever since I put my AOL disk in the shreader, papers don't get stuck.
5. Another CD wasted by AOL
6. You AOL DISK!
7. My car was the fastest in our class, thanks to my AOL disk!
8. Save the trees! Don't mail AOL disks
9. Honey! Take out the AOL DISK!
10. An AOL disk bit me, I swatted it though.
11. *sigh* my uncle's an aol disk now...
Person 2: STFU
13. Wow mom... you really shouldn't have...
by Wolfpawz June 10, 2007
AOL being the worst internet provider imaginable.
The discs can be used for many things - Coasters, frisbees. Lots of things. I found it appropriate to use the collection I had of them (probably like 100) as wallpaper.
Try it. It works.
Guy 1: "Dude, cool, look! I got 4 months free internet from AOL!
Guy 2: Wow. Look. I have fingers. *slashes guy one's throat with AOL disc*
by Kyle Wall May 20, 2005
A wasted cd
damn i could of made a pirate cd off kazza with that
by michael June 27, 2004
used to do many things. I really dont know what has not been done with these handy little free disks.
hey i will hit that old man with this aol disk for $5.
by CarlTheShanker November 05, 2003
Time-Warner's way to make sure Linux never gets on to too many PCs. You see, if AOL is installed on more computers, users would be forced to use the dial-up modem (tyranny by costliness) which runs only on Windows.
Back in the old days, an aol disk was a floppy disk, which meant they could be reformatted and reused. But now they are a CD-ROM, which wastes plastic for crappy software, software which prohibits you from starting any executable code (even beneficial code) on your computer for the first 5 minutes after you sign on.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 19, 2007

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