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Also known as AK-ROWDY.

As a pillar of knowledge, ethnic traditions, staggering zembekikos, and extreme athleticism (e.g. basketball), fittingly enough, it's a place many Greeks call home. It is said and believed to own Camp Nazareth, Canonsburg, Canton, Cleveland, and Columbus. "A.O.C." or Akron owns <<any of the previously named cities>> is an appropriate acronym when regarding the dominance in basketball of the two groups, or really just commenting on the "sweetness" of said cities. (It should be noted that "Akron Owns ___" pertains but is not limited to the "C" cities. For simplicity's sake, A.O.C. is only used for the "C" cities, but Akron still owns Pittsburgh, Reading, Bethlehem, Lancaster, etc.)

*** It should also be noted that Akron owns GOYA, and that Akron is no joke.

Key Phrase: Ak-town, the mack-town, we don't back down.

After watch the boys from AKRON tear it up on the basketball court, and the dance floor, every single girl fell completely and irrevocably in love with them.
by Akron Pimp March 13, 2009
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The Rubber Capital of the world, former Bowling Capital of the world and at one point the Marble Capital as well. The first city to ever use police cars and the home of the All American Soap Box Derby. Also, Alocholics Annomyous was founded in Akron and the first ever meeting was held in Stan Hywett Hall, home of the Seiberling family (founders of Goodyear). As well as being the home of LeBron James its the meth capital of the US with over 200 meth lab busts last year. Depending on where you live it can be a nice place to live. It is also known as the Rubber City.
You know LeBron James? Well he grew up in Akron, Ohio.
by Kalesi July 29, 2006
Just thirty minutes south of Cleveland, Ohio. Home of Lebron James, a decent downdown, and credited for bringing a massive blackout to all of the eastern united states. Also home of route eight, the worst stretch of road in all the midwest.
I was going to move to Akron, but realized shooting myself would be more enjoyable.
by Skuzzi September 27, 2003
all small city in ohio with alot to do if u from here about 40 min from cleveland and 30 from youngstown home of labrone james and da kennel use to be the rubber capital of the world a ok city but if u aint from here be carefull bc ppl droppin like flies out here 330 all day
i m bout to go to club rose in akron
by leelee616 November 27, 2011
Akron is a former manufacturing hub situated 30 miles south of Cleveland and 40 miles west of Youngstown. Akron is home to roughly 200,000 permanent residents, nearly all of whom are either black or white.

Akron is home to a steadily improving downtown, with the nearby University of Akron now sprawling into the downtown area.

At the present day, Akron's future is uncertain (though far more encouraging that neighboring Canton and Youngstown). Parts of Akron have seen strong growth and downtown Akron has upgraded from ghastly to meh. The University of Akron has been building out at a furious pace, and the impact of increased on-campus enrollment has fueled growth along East Exchange and South Main Sts. However, Akron's non-central neighborhoods are losing residents by the day to relocations and the older rubber-era residents dying off. Many non-skilled types are forced to commute to suburban areas for employment. The homeless in the area are abundant and notably confrontational, as they often stand near highway exists and aggressively accost motorists.

Overall, Akron is a C- kind of place. Not terrible, but not quite average. An optimist would look to the fact that Akron 10 years ago was a more haunting place than it is today, and that the trend toward improvement will continue. Pessimists will look at the decline of all of the surrounding cities and assume that Akron will suffer and be pulled further into the black hole of economic devastation.
Bob: I'm going to Akron.

Steve: Great, bring me back a...tire?
by Frank Drebin 2 March 22, 2011
Superior to its larger northern neighbor, Cleveland, in many ways. Best city in Ohio besides Columbus for economic growth, real estate, and entertainment.
by Da Dude October 17, 2003
It's not THAT bad! akron is a good place to grow up at. It's not too big, but niether too small. Still, it seems like everybody knows everybody and there's a lot of drama, but the people are friendly and it feels good to know people wherever you go. There's not much to do though, so sometimes that can get kids into trouble. It has some really nice neighborhoods, but it got it's little "hoods" too. I guess it's fun for it's size, plus you right by cleveland.
if you live in akron all your life, your gonna hate it, but if you move away, your gonna miss it.
by yurilynsky16 April 30, 2008
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