the tapered tubular portion of the foreskin that extends beyond the glans and terminates at the orifice of the foreskin. The word itself originates from the ancient Greek akron meaning farthest bounds uttermost parts and highest extreme as well as tip. In ancient Greece and classical painting it was considered the perfection of beauty of the penis.
They just stood there adoring his impressively proportioned akron.
by chilily August 19, 2007
no mans land where the crackheads run free and the alcholics roam. home of the suicide Y bridge and lebron james. also the pretenders and devo..high density drug traffic..the whole city is a trap. my favorite place in the world put on the smelliest McFeetsies ever
im going to akron trying to cop that rock
by Tom Mcfeetsies July 29, 2009
Former industrial hub used to be the rubber capital of the world
Has a decling population it dropped from 300,000 to 200,000 since the seventies. Has a large population of spooks
Man I was up in Akron yesturday we was chillin on market ST when som niglet asked if we wanted to by some crack
by kodiash November 18, 2003
1. A small retirement town in the northeastern corner of Colorado that is filled with old retired folks, farmers, meth and marijuana users, and families sucked in with no hope of ever leaving pernamently.

2. Also used to describe when you are stuck in a place and can't leave, no matter how much you want to.
John: "Hey Frank, want to play video games at my house tonight?"

Frank: "I can't. I've been Akron-ed into going to the movies with my girlfriend tonight."
by AliceCullen1989 January 14, 2009
a craphole section of ohio. water tastes and smells like crap, literally. a run down section that used to be lively with business. random airplanes are always flying around everywhere. weather is usually sucky. the highlights are probably the goodyear blimp, and um... lets see..
if you live in akron, well, then too bad.
by sdklhhflhsdfg August 16, 2005
Da 'Kron
Dirtiest ghetto shithole in the US.
Sometimes referred to as Crackron. The whole city smells of feces.
Downtown, Portage Lakes, Kenmore, North Hill, Fairlawn, The Valley, Firestone Park, University of Akron, and Goodyear Heights are some of the areas of Akron.
If I want to score a crackrock, I go to Howard St. in Da 'Kron.
by Rectal Breech December 10, 2004

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