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A Palestinian city in the West Bank with a vibrant history. Bethlehem is considered by many to be the birthplace of Jesus. It has been home to one of the largest Christian communities in the Arab World for centuries and is a popular spot of tourism. In Arabic Bethlehem is بيت لحم (BAYT LA-hem) and means "city of meat" or "city of bread". It has been under the rule of the Palestinian Authority since 1995, however the city remains vulnerable to increasing Israeli settlements as well as the separation wall Israel is building.

According to the International Court of Justice, Bethlehem is in Palestine not in Israel, so please stop saying Bethlehem is in Israel when it's not. Study the United Nations Charter and Geneva Convention if you think otherwise.
Samira went to Bethlehem this Christmas to pray in the Church of the Nativity and see her family. Unfortunately, the Israeli soldiers would not let her pass through the checkpoint, so she had to leave two weeks early.
by ConservatismSucks December 14, 2009
wu-tang slang for brooklyn, NY.
"You taking the the B train to the bronx?"

"Nah yo Im taking it the other direction to Bethlehem ."
by Ivan_V March 08, 2009
1. An ex-Steel town in PA.
2. A giant joke in the Lehigh Valley, only losing to Easton for the title of BIGGEST JOKE EVER.
3. Home of that giant pile of rust formerly known as Bethlehem Steel, which is now continuing to pollute the town. Gangs ofter hang out there that wear pink and tie-dye t-shirts.
Person 1: Bethlehem fails at life! Nothing to do here!
Person 2: Let's go loiter at the Steel!
by its_only_me July 10, 2008
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