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A totally sweetass band, whose music is best described as a mixture of Sublime and Dave Matthews Band. Based out of Ohio, where the temperature is never ‘just right’.
Did you hear the new O.A.R. CD? It rocks!
by Skuzzi July 19, 2003
Just thirty minutes south of Cleveland, Ohio. Home of Lebron James, a decent downdown, and credited for bringing a massive blackout to all of the eastern united states. Also home of route eight, the worst stretch of road in all the midwest.
I was going to move to Akron, but realized shooting myself would be more enjoyable.
by Skuzzi September 27, 2003
Novell Netware is well known to be the most secure operating system in existence. However, no one uses it, and the only reason it’s secure is because no one has any clue on how to use it.
What is this? DOS with network support?
by Skuzzi July 19, 2003
Canton is approximately 20 miles south of Akron and 60 miles south of Cleveland. Canton is the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Marilyn Manson. A stick in the mud city, with a laughable downdown district, eclipsed by even Akron. Not to be mistaken with North Canton, which is a tropical paradise.
I got lost in Canton once, wow was that one big ghetto.
by Skuzzi October 01, 2003
A horrible company, similar to the RIAA, who believes that sueing their own userbase will bring world peace to socity.
Who will SCO sue today?
by Skuzzi September 27, 2003
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